Gaming consoles are one of the most sorted-after hardware means of gaming. Although there are laptops that play most games smoothly, but nothing like the experience with consoles. A game advanced consoles like the PS4 and PS5 do not exist. But we are not here to read about their prowess, you are here because you know this already. Now, just like laptops and other tech gadgets, they do have issues, which can be solved of course. You might want to know about these common problems with PS4 and 5 gaming consoles to troubleshoot or prevent these problems. Whatever the reason, we are going to talk about the common problems with PS4 and PS5 consoles in 2024, and how to solve and prevent them from happening. 

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1. Overheating

This is an issue with PS4 and PS5 systems are rather common. Overheating the console can result in a number of performance issues, such as sluggishness, freezing, and even system shutdown. To prevent things from being too hot, try these:

To avoid overheating, ensure there is sufficient circulation around the console. Keep it away from tight areas and heat sources.

Overheating can occur when dust and dirt accumulate in gaps within the console, inhibiting airflow. Use a can of compressed air to clean the console’s vents and inside components on a regular basis.

Also, consider purchasing an expansion fan designed specifically for the PlayStation 4 or PlayStation 5. During lengthy durations of games, these fans help to dissipate heat and keep the console cool.

2. Disk Problems and Download Bugs 

PlayStation 4 and PS5 customers may experience issues with game discs or digital downloads. These problems might manifest as slow Internet speeds, unsuccessful downloads, or difficulties reading DVDs. Let’s approach these challenges in this way:

If the game disc is unreadable, gently wipe it down using a lint-free cloth. Avoid powerful solvents and chemicals.

Check that there is enough space on your console to store digital downloads. Make room by removing any unnecessary applications or games.

Restarting the device frequently resolves download issues. After a few minutes of inactivity, restart the console.

Update the firmware for your PlayStation 4 or PlayStation 5. When you upgrade your system, you normally fix issues and improve performance.

3. Blue Light of Death 

The famed “Blue Light of Death” (BLOD) bug may affect PS4 systems. In this situation, the system fails to boot up after the console’s power indicator light becomes blue. Here are some possible solutions:

Before proceeding, ensure that the HDMI cable is securely fastened to both the PS4 and the television. Replace the HDMI cable and see if it helps.

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To start the PlayStation 4 in safe mode, press and hold the power button until you hear two beeps. In Safe Mode, you can either rebuild the database or reinstall the system software.

If the BLOD continues, you can contact PlayStation support for more assistance or to explore repair options.

4. Software Problems 

Game crashes, freezing, and error messages are just a few software issues that PS4 and PS5 users may encounter. To remedy this, try the following things:

If you’re encountering problems with a game, you should check to see if there are any updates that might resolve them. Game updates often include patches and performance enhancements.

If applying an update does not resolve the issue, you should consider reinstalling the game. This method can be used to resolve issues caused by damaged game files.

Database Rebuild (PS4 only): If you are having software difficulties, you can resolve them by restoring the PS4’s database in Safe Mode.

If everything else fails, you may reset the PlayStation 4 or PS5 to factory settings, which will clear all data and restore the system to its original configuration.

5. HDMI Port Problems 

Both the PS4 and PS5 systems are susceptible to issues with the HDMI port, which can result in intermittent or no visual output. Try these fixes if your HDMI port isn’t working properly:

First, look for clear indications of damage on the HDMI cable. If the cable is in great condition, carefully replace it into the HDMI port, ensuring sure it fits snuggly.

If the issues persist, try connecting the console to an other display and using a separate HDMI cable to see whether the issue is with the port or the original cable.

It may be essential to seek the services of a professional repairman in extreme circumstances.

6. Liquid metal issue  (PS5)

Liquid metal is used as cooling agent for the PS5’s interior components. However, improper application or aging of the liquid metal may result in overheating and performance issues. Take these actions to address the liquid metal problem:

Your PlayStation 5 may be overheating, which might be a sign of a problem with the liquid metal. Pay attention to the console’s temperature and listen for any unusual movements or sounds.

If you believe you are experiencing issues with liquid metal, get help from PlayStation support. Alternatively, they could provide repair or replacement services.

7. Controller Syncing issues

Both the PS4 and PS5 controllers may experience synchronization issues that cause them to become unresponsive or unable to connect to the system. In the event that controller synchronization issues occur, consider the following fixes:

You may reset the controller by pushing and holding the PlayStation button for 10 seconds. Check to see if it helps by reconnecting it to the console. Use a USB cable to connect the controller to the console to see if there are any firmware updates.

Try a fresh USB cord if the controller still won’t connect to the console. Defective or mismatched cables are available.

You may always initialize your PlayStation 4 or PS5 to reset it to factory settings and erase all data if everything else fails. The controller synchronization issues may be resolved if this is successful.

8. Data Transfer issues

Data transfers from an older PlayStation 4 to a newer PlayStation 4 or PS5 might occasionally encounter problems. Try these methods if you’re experiencing trouble transmitting data:

The most recent firmware should be installed on both consoles. Use an Ethernet cable to connect the consoles directly to prevent issues brought on by Wi-Fi.

To transfer data, adhere to the directions displayed on the screen. If the problems persist, think about moving smaller chunks of data.

Using an external hard drive for the transfer is an additional solution for data transfer issues.


Q: What is the most common problem with the PS4 in 2024?

Overheating is the most prevalent PS4 issue for users right now. It can cause performance issues including slowdowns, freezing, and even total system shutdowns.

Q: What is the most common problem with the PS5 in 2024?

The most prevalent PS5 complaint is the Liquid metal issue, Data transfer issue, and Controller synchronization troubles. Controllers may become unresponsive or impossible to connect to the console, which can disrupt gaming.

Q: What Problem is Common to Both PS4 and PS5 in 2024?

HDMI port difficulties and Overheating affect both the PS4 and the PS5. These faults might cause no display or sporadic visual output, reducing the game experience.