Mixing nature with home buying is now a thing in Winnipeg. Home-selling companies like Taylor Farms are in Headingley to make this possible. Taylor Farm offers country-style living just minutes from Winnipeg. This will put you between living near the city and nature to complement balancing modernity and a healthy life in the form of a community. Walk with me as we explore what this company offers and why it is what you need if you work in Winnipeg. 

What Company is Taylor Farm? 

Taylor Farms in Headingley, Manitoba, provides a unique living experience that combines the convenience of modern homes with the charm of rural life. This community, located just outside Winnipeg, offers spacious, high-quality homes set against a backdrop of natural beauty. 

It is intended for those seeking a tranquil lifestyle, with amenities such as large yards, scenic walking paths, and proximity to the river. Taylor Farm stands out for its commitment to preserving the natural environment while providing residents with modern amenities. 

Ideal for families or individuals seeking peace without sacrificing convenience, as it seamlessly integrates city amenities and country living. This neighborhood is ideal for people who enjoy the outdoors and value community and sustainability.

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What is Taylor Farms Community in Headingley About?

Taylor Farm in Headingley combines country charm with luxury living just outside the city. This new community is ideal for people who enjoy nature and outdoor activities. It’s a peaceful and relaxing haven, complete with pedestrian trails, scenic river parks, and stunning wetland lakes.

Taylor Farm, located by the Assiniboine River, offers spacious river lots, options for walk-out basements, and large lots for any dream home. This community is about more than just beautiful homes; it is about getting closer to nature. Residents enjoy wildlife, groomed snowmobile trails, and Beaudry Park, among other advantages.

Taylor Farms in Headingley, A New Community by the River
Source: Taylor Farm

Families love it here as well. There is a K-5 school for younger children, which is part of the prestigious St. James School Division. Furthermore, fun activities such as Thunder Rapids Go Carts and Mini Golf are only a bike ride away, making weekends and holidays exciting for kids.

Adults can enjoy a variety of activities, including hiking on the Harte Trail System and golf at Breezy Bend Country Club or John Bloomberg. Sports fans can enjoy slow-pitch and soccer facilities. It’s a community that caters to everyone’s preferences.

Taylor Farm combines the tranquility of the countryside with the convenience of city living. Its location in the RM of Headingley results in lower property taxes and easy access to Winnipeg’s amenities. Taylor Farm is ideal for families, professionals, and retirees who want to live in the country but still have access to city amenities. It is a community where nature, leisure, and luxury coexist harmoniously.

Taylor Farms and Community Living in Headingley 

Taylor Farm entrusts the construction of your new home to the province’s finest builders. These builders are committed to using long-lasting materials, embracing timeless design, and maintaining the highest quality standards.

The community provides spacious lots ranging in width from 70′ to 90′, giving homeowners plenty of design options. Prospective homeowners can also look forward to even larger riverfront lots, up to 100′ wide, which will be available in the fall of 2018.

This development is distinguished by its welcoming atmosphere, which is rooted in a rich historical context and complemented by the natural beauty of the Assiniboine River’s banks. Taylor Farm invites you to a simpler lifestyle. It brings back memories of country living. The community has majestic open landscapes and native tall grasses.

There is an extensive network of trails and wetlands. Every path leads to a serene riverside basswood forest. It is a community that combines nature and modernity to provide a one-of-a-kind living experience.

Why Taylor Farms Residential is an Excellent Choice for New Homeowners

Taylor Farm offers an unparalleled living experience for those looking for a new place to call home. This development, located on the picturesque banks of the Assiniboine River, includes more than just homes.

It provides a lifestyle. Taylor Farm, which focuses on preserving the area’s natural beauty and history, welcomes new homeowners to join a community that values the tranquility of country living while providing modern amenities and comforts.

Source: Taylor Farms

The development’s dedication to quality is evident in its selection of Manitoba’s best custom builders, who prioritize long-lasting materials, timeless designs, and superior construction quality. The spacious lots allow homeowners to build their dream homes. Additionally, larger riverfront properties provide breathtaking views. They also offer direct access to nature for those who want it.

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Taylor Farms is designed as a community that encourages residents to connect with one another, in addition to its physical features.Its open spaces provide space to breathe. Native grasslands encourage exploration. Extensive trail networks encourage adventure. Wetlands encourage a connection with nature. Here, families can grow and connect.

This development exemplifies sustainable, community-oriented living, making it an excellent choice for anyone looking to establish roots in a location that provides both peace and proximity to city life.


Taylor Farms in Headingley combines country charm with modern amenities, making it ideal for Winnipeg workers. This community combines the peace of nature with the convenience of the city, making it an ideal place to call home. It encourages sustainability and community through its large lots and scenic beauty. It is an excellent choice for homeowners looking for peace and quiet and modern amenities. Taylor Farm demonstrates that living near nature can improve well-being while still providing access to urban conveniences.