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We all rely on computers, often more than we even realize. The moment when your computer crashes your internal panic sirens start blaring! Whether it’s a blue screen of death, a drink spilled on your laptop, or malware taking over, the feeling of anxiety rushes through your mind and you scream in frustration!

Well, if it’s already crashed, give TickTockTech a call and we’ll repair your computer. However, if you want to avoid it for next time (or avoid it the first time for that matter), here are some helpful tips and maintenance schedules that will keep your computer running as long as possible and keeping your data safe.


Computers need to breath! Give it some space, especially around the fan vents. 6 inches would be a minimum here. Try to avoid placing it in an enclosed space or right up against a wall. This will allow your computer to keep it’s components cool and last as long as possible.


Dust will naturally build up and begin blocking critical vents. Use compressed air to blow the dust. DON’T USE A DUSTER/RAG! These can build up static electricity and cause a surge that may damage computer components. Keep it to compressed air. They sell cans of the stuff on Amazon.

Surge Protection

Bursts of electricity can do a number on your system. Protect it by using a serge protector. All of your power cables (computer, monitor, speakers, router, etc.) should go through a serge protector before going into the wall outlet. ALSO, networking cables or any other cable coming from a wall outlet should go through a surge protector before reaching any of your system components. Here is our favorite option: Belkin 12-Outlet w/ethernet protection.

Data Backup

No matter what you do, your system components will eventually break down. Don’t lose the data & media that you’ve been collecting and protecting all this time. Make sure your important files are backed up on an external drive. When your hard drive goes out (all hard drives go out eventually), you will still have your data available. Although sometimes your data can be recovered using a highly specialized service and a clean room, you can avoid those costly fees by investing in a backup drive today. Try this highly rated and proven Samsung drive & enclosure.

Malware Protection

With hackers and opportunists trying to take advantage of your resources, steal your information, or scam you, you need to take the steps to protect yourself and your system. Viruses, malware, ransomware, etc. continue to run rampant and will cause all kinds of issues with your system and your safety. Protect yourself with the best anti-malware software. Kaspersky Internet Security is a great option.

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