TickTockTech - Computer Repair Southwest Calgary

For the best in computer repair, laptop repair, and tech support in Southwest Calgary, rely on the expert team at TickTockTech. We fix Macs and PCs, we help upgrade network systems and provide answers for all things technical. Our customers love our reliability, friendly service, and discount pricing structure.

We depend on our computers because they do so much for us. We need them to work, to go to school, and for fun activities like browsing social media, playing games, and watching movies. So when your computer is slow, won’t boot up, or won’t hold a charge, you panic. Don’t worry, TickTockTech is here to help.

TickTockTech: Local & Trustworthy

One reason our customers choose us is because we have been in the computer repair business for 28 years here in Calgary. We chose not to expand to other cities because it’s important to us that we have a reputation for providing personal, honest service. We don’t want to be that faceless computer repair chain. We think of our staff as a family.

That being said, we enjoy a reputation for being a first-rate computer repair company, and we only hire techs with experience. We also provide ongoing training to help ensure everyone stays up to date on the latest methods and techniques for computer repair.

When you call TickTockTech for help, we assign you a tech in your part of Southwest Calgary, and this is the person who will work with you going forward. We have found that this helps in forming a trusting relationship with our customers.

Computer Repairs You Can Trust

When you use a typical computer repair shop, you’re obligated to pack up your equipment and drive it over, then you likely will have to leave it for a period of time with people you don’t even know. Further, these shops often mail your computer to a third party for repair. That’s a lot of people having access to all your personal information.

When our computer repair company fixes your computer, we come to you. This not only saves you time and trouble, but it provides extra security. You can watch us fix it, so you know your data won’t be available to everyone in Southwest Calgary and beyond.

Competitive Pricing Structure

Our customers love that they don’t have to come to us for computer repairs, and they’re thrilled when they find out we don’t even charge for travel time to come to you. We don’t charge for diagnostics either, or estimates. You only pay for the actual repairs, and we do them on the spot.

Additionally, we charge by the quarter-hour, not the hour, so you save money if your computer repair takes only 15 or 30 minutes.

Lastly, we provide a money-back guarantee to all our customers, so you have nothing to lose by calling TickTockTech.

When you need desktop repair, laptop repair, tech support, help with your network, printers, viruses, or any other computer problem, call the experts at TickTockTech.