TickTockTech - Computer Repair Panorama Hills

It can be frustrating, and even scary, when your computer goes down. You could end up losing all the work you’ve done, plus all the data that’s stored on it, such as family photos and important documents. Don’t panic the next time your desktop or laptop goes down — call the reliable team at TickTockTech instead. We serve clients throughout Calgary, including Panorama Hills, as well as other cities in Canada.

We also help residential and commercial customers with new computer setups, hardware and software upgrades, used electronics disposal, data retrieval and more. Count on our computer repair store for all your tech needs.

Computer Repairs Done On-Site

What’s different about TickTockTech is that when you need computer repair, we come to you. That saves you precious time packing up your equipment, taking it to a computer repair store and waiting your turn. Instead, you can wait in the comfort of your own home (or office or wherever you are).

When we arrive, you can even watch us diagnose and repair your computer. That’s a switch from other computer repair stores that may tell you to go home and wait for them to call you later in the week when your computer is ready. They may even send it out to a third party for repairs.

Not only is this stressful because you are without your connection to the world, but also because your sensitive information is in the hands of someone you don’t even know. Your computer could even be lost in transport.

That doesn’t happen with TickTockTech. Not only do we offer on-site repairs, but also remote assistance — no contact required!

Trustworthy Computer Repair by Local Techs in Panorama Hills

If longevity is any evidence of a well-run business (and we think it is), know that TickTockTech has been serving customers in Panorama Hills and the surrounding area for 28 years. Our knowledge, professionalism and business model have made us the go-to computer repair company in the area.

We assign our techs specific neighborhoods, such as Panorama Hills, and this cuts down on travel time. It also helps our clients form a trusting relationship with their tech. The tech comes to know your equipment they way your mechanic knows your car, and this helps us complete repairs more efficiently.

Pricing Schedule Saves You Money

You may think it’s expensive to have a computer tech come to your home, but it’s just the opposite, in fact. Our computer repair company saves money by not having any overhead. We pass these savings on to you.

In fact, we don’t even charge for travel time. Additionally, we bill in 15-minute increments to save you more money. That means if it takes us 40 minutes to repair your computer, you pay for 45 minutes, not an hour.

TickTockTech of Panorama Hills

Whenever you need repair for your laptop, desktop or printer, or you need help with your system or network in Panorama Hills, call TickTockTech. We offer free, no-obligation estimates to all our clients.