TickTockTech - Computer Repair Brentwood

If your desktop or laptop computer breaks down — and it will — rely on the friendly, professional technicians at TickTockTech to get it back up and running again. Our computer repair company provides same-day service on all models, and we come to you. We serve Brentwood and every neighborhood throughout Calgary as well as other cities in Canada.

Whether you need virus removal, your computer won’t boot up at all or you have a different issue, we can help. And we offer not only computer repairs, but new computer setups, used electronics disposal, hardware and software upgrades, data retrieval, and more.

Trustworthy & Local Computer Repair in Brentwood

TickTockTech is well-known throughout Calgary and other cities across Canada for our efficient repairs, but we’re also known for our longevity. We have been repairing computers for 28 years, and local residents and businesses trust our experience and expertise.

We can assure you that one of the most important parts of staying at the forefront of the industry is continued training from top educational institutions. Fewer industries are more dynamic than tech. New computer models come out every day, and we have to know everything about all of them.

At the same time, many of our customers in Brentwood have trusty older models, and that’s when our years of experience are especially useful.

We want to be known as your friendly local computer repair company, and to that end, we assign our techs to work in specific neighborhoods. So if you live in Brentwood, for instance, you will likely get the same tech each time you request service.

This allows our techs to build a rapport with our clients, and that helps build trust.

Computer Repairs Performed On-Site anywhere in Brentwood, Calgary T2L

When you call TickTockTech for service, we come to you wherever you are, whether that’s at home, at work, in a coffee shop or anywhere else. This saves you the hassle of having to pack up your computer and take it to a computer repair company for service.

We repair your computer right on the spot — while you watch, if you like. This gives you peace of mind. Too often when you bring your desktop or laptop into a computer repair store, you have to leave it there overnight. Sometimes they even send out your computer for repair by a third party.

These are all unnecessary risks you don’t want to take. Your sensitive information could get compromised. Your computer could get lost. Be safe and call TickTockTech. We even offer remote computer support services.

Fairer Pricing Schedule

Even though we come to you, we don’t charge you for travel time! We consider that just part of the job. Moreover, we charge in 15-minute increments — we don’t round up to the hour. That means if it takes us 30 or 45 minutes to fix your computer, that’s all you pay for.

Our customers appreciate our straightforwardness, as well as the opportunity to save money.

TickTockTech of Brentwood

If you live in Brentwood and you need help with your desktop, laptop or printer, call the experts at TickTockTech. We give free, no-obligation estimates, so you’ve got nothing to lose!