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Computers always break down at the worst times: when you’re about submit your term paper, when you’re about to slay a monster in Fortnite, when you get to a pivotal scene in The Bachelorette, when you have an important work meeting. It’s frustrating, and when you need a computer repair company, you want service right away. That’s when it’s time to call TickTockTech, serving Thorncliffe and neighborhoods throughout Calgary as well as other major Canadian cities.

TickTockTech provides same-day, in-home computer repairs for our customers, because we know how important it is for you to get your computer back up and running ASAP. We provide other computer services as well, including setup, hardware and software upgrades, data retrieval, used electronics disposal and more.

Local & Trustworthy Computer Repair in Thorncliffe

One of the reasons TickTockTech is one of Calgary’s most trusted computer repair companies is because of our longevity. We have been serving customers in Thorncliffe and neighborhoods throughout Calgary for 28 years. Our customers rely on our experience, and they trust our techs.

Continual training is critical for computer repair techs, because there’s always something new in the industry. At the same time, many customers have older model computers, so the more our techs know, the more valuable they are to our customers.

The way we work at TickTockTech is we assign certain areas of Calgary to particular techs. So if you live in Thorncliffe and you call our computer repair company, you’ll get the tech assigned to that area. That means you get faster service, but it also means you get to know your tech, which helps build trust.

Computer Repairs Done On-Site

Our customers love that we repair their computers on-site, and not just for the convenience. It can be nerve-racking to leave your computer at a computer repair store, especially if they send it out to a third party for repair. You don’t want strangers all over Canada having access to your sensitive data.

You can even watch us work on your computer if you want — it never has to leave your sight.

Fairer Pricing Schedule

When you use TickTockTech, you save time and money. Not only do we travel to your location, we don’t even charge you for that travel time. Moreover, we don’t round up to the hour when we charge for repairs; we charge in 15-minute increments.

Our customers appreciate that they pay only for the work that we do, and nothing extra.

TickTockTech of Thorncliffe

When your computer breaks down — and eventually it will — rely on the expert techs at TickTockTech to get it back up and running again. Our computer repair company provides fast, efficient repairs on-site, saving you the hassle of packing up your equipment and heading out to a computer store.

Contact TickTockTech whenever you need computer repair in Thorncliffe.