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In this exciting follow-up to our last article on Saudi Arabia’s upcoming mega projects, we’re zooming in on Neom City. Neom is not just any city to live in; it’s a hub of innovation, technology, and sustainability. But what exactly is Neom, and why is the world so interested in its progress?

What is Neom?

Neom is a futuristic city currently under development in Saudi Arabia, with a total investment of $500 billion. The name Neom is from the Greek word “neos” meaning “new” and the Arabic word “mustaqbal” meaning “future.” Neom is a part of the Saudi Project 2030, a visionary plan to transform the country’s economy and society.

At the center of Saudi Arabia’s northwest, near the strategic Suez Canal and bordered by Jordan and Egypt, Neom spans a massive 263,000 hectares. Notably, a significant part of the land is dedicated to preserving natural landscapes, emphasizing the project’s commitment to sustainability.

Neom is not just another city but a bold experiment in urban living. It promises a car-free environment where robots assist in daily tasks, aiming to build a community of nine million people enjoying close access to all necessities. Under the leadership of CEO Nadhmi Al-Nasr since 2018, Neom is evolving into a hub for trade and industry, leveraging its coastal location to foster economic growth. Neom is about to be the perfect destination where entrepreneurship flourishes, and people live closer to nature in harmony with the environment.

The 4 Mega Projects in Neom City, Saudi Arabia

Neom City is home to several ambitious projects that promise to redefine the concept of urban living. Let’s dive into the four mega projects that stand out: The Line, Trojena, Sindalah, and OXAGON.

The Line

The Line - Projects in Neom City, Saudi Arabia

The Line is a revolutionary linear city with zero carbon emissions. Stretching over 170 kilometers, The Line promises a new approach to urban design. Residents will have access to all the city’s facilities within a five-minute walk, and high-speed transportation will ensure that no journey between any two points in the city will take longer than 20 minutes. Its innovative design eliminates the need for cars, ensuring a pedestrian-friendly environment. Residents will also enjoy a sustainable lifestyle in harmony with nature, surrounded by innovative technologies.


Trojena - Projects in Neom City, Saudi Arabia

Trojena takes the spotlight as Neom’s outdoor winter wonderland for sports activities and cultural events. Located in the center of Neom, Trojena is about to redefine winter sports in the region, with plans for the first outdoor skiing destination in the Arabian Peninsula. But it’s not just about sports; Trojena will also be a place for art, music, and cultural festivals, making it the perfect destination for adventurers and culture seekers.



Sindalah, a paradise in the making, is designed to celebrate sustainable tourism. With its amazing landscapes and rich cultural heritage, Sindalah is about to become a global tourist center. This luxury island will also feature world-class marinas, golf courses, and entertainment venues. In addition, the project is projected to become a world-leading yacht destination, alongside luxury hotels and residences. As a prime example of sustainable luxury, Sindalah strikes a perfect balance between development and environmental preservation.



Oxagon is about to be one of the world’s largest floating industrial areas, emphasizing Neom’s commitment to reshaping manufacturing and technology growth in eco-friendly ways. Positioned as a hub for innovation, Oxagon will focus on industries such as modern manufacturing, renewable energy, and technology, all powered by 100% clean energy. This project shows Neom’s commitment to achieving economic development in balance with environmental protection.

Conclusion: Mega Projects in Neom City, Saudi Arabia

Neom’s mega projects go beyond just building new cities or technologies; they aim to create a better future for everyone. These projects are designed to be sustainable, innovative, and livable, giving us a peek at the future of how we might live in cities. With the innovations in Neom City, the country is investing in the future of humanity.

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