Situated at the intersection of Parmer Lane and I-35 in Austin, Texas, is a regional shopping center called Tech Ridge Center. It took up 600,000 square feet when it first opened in 2001 and is home to about 30 stores. Numerous stores, including H-E-B, In-N-Out Burger, MOD Pizza, Panda Express, and Schlotzsky’s Deli, are located in the center.

Every day, including weekends, the mall is open from 8:00 AM to 10:00 PM (Malls in America). The center offers a variety of services for those looking for amenities, including banking (Bank of America), medical (Crestview Veterinary Hospital), and dining options.

Tech Ridge Center Site Plans

Located near the busy crossroads of I-35 and Parmer Lane in Austin, Texas, has a huge 600,000-square-foot layout. It is designed as an open shopping mall, making shopping more comfortable and accessible. The center’s strategic site plan contains a mix of retail spaces, eating alternatives, and service providers to meet a wide range of requirements and interests.

Tech Ridge Center Demographics

The Tech Ridge Center area’s population profile is noticeably diversified, with a wide range of ethnic origins. The neighborhood is a suburban region with a mix of modest to medium-sized residential properties, which are mostly occupied by both owners and renters. The median real estate price is significantly greater than in many other Texas areas, implying a strong local economy. The neighborhood also has a distinct linguistic environment, with a large proportion of inhabitants speaking Vietnamese at home, reflecting its broad cultural mix.

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Famous Shops and Offices at the Center

Tech Ridge Center is home to some well-known stores and offices, attracting both local and regional tourists. Notable enterprises include H-E-B, a major grocery store chain that anchors the center and sells everyday goods as well as specialist items. Dining establishments like In-N-Out Burger and Panda Express provide quick and popular dining alternatives. The presence of national banks such as Bank of America enhances convenience, making it a one-stop shop for shopping, dining, and services.

Frequently Asked Questions on Tech Ridge Center

Does Tech Ridge Center have Apartments?

Tech Ridge Center does not feature residential units such as apartments; instead, it houses retail spaces, offices, and various commercial facilities.

Where is Tech Ridge Center Located?

The Tech Ridge Center is located at the prime location of the corner of Interstate 35 and Parmer Lane in Austin, Texas,

How large is the Tech Ridge Center?

It has an expansive area of 600,000 square feet, it stands as a major regional shopping hub.

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Tech Ridge Center stands out as a premier retail and service destination in Austin, Texas, because of its strategic location, diversified demographic profile, and diverse selection of businesses and services. It is an integral part of the neighborhood, efficiently serving a wide range of customers with its well-thought-out site layout. The center encourages a sense of community among the many communities it serves in addition to promoting economic progress. All guests may enjoy a welcoming and energetic atmosphere at the Center, whether they are shopping, dining, or using the facilities.