Our computers do so much for us.  From providing efficiency in our work, to giving us access to unlimited education and knowledge, computers have worked their way in as a permanent staple in our daily lives.  However, in our busy schedule, often we take the computer for granted…at least until it has a problem.  Because it is so ingrained in our life, computer problems can be a major headache.  

When computers stop working, often our life comes to a clunky standstill.  When this happens, you generally give us a call and we come out and fix it.  But what if there was something you could do that could keep it from breaking in the first place?  Well, there is.  In fact, your computer will give you signs and hints that will help you know what it needs.  Below are some of the warning signs that signify a need for you to do a little home computer repair right here in Edmonton:

1. Computer Is Running Slow:

Sometimes, people think that their computer is running slow because it is getting old; but, it might not be the only reason. There are a variety of reasons causing computers to slow down.  Often computers slow down as more and more programs and data are added to the memory or hard drive.  Additionally, if modifications are made to settings or drivers, it can also cause compatibility issues.  There is also the threat of malware taking up space and using valuable processing power. 

So, what do you do when your computer starts slowing down?  Try removing programs that you don’t need or aren’t using frequently. Additionally, move files that you don’t access often (like photo storage or music) to a separate hard drive.  If you want to get a little more technical, try running your defragmentation app in Windows.  If it’s still running slow, it probably means it’s time to hire a professional who is expert in pc computer repair near Edmonton.

2. Your System Is Getting Hot:

Getting hot can be both the sign and the cause of damage. Your computer will naturally produce heat, but that heat production needs to be quickly dissipated otherwise it will cause damage to the internal components.  Computers are built with heat sinks and fans in order to eliminate the heat as much as possible.  Also, most computers will shut down once they hit a high enough temperature in order to preserve itself. 

If you find your computer getting hot, you’ll want to address it right away.  Be sure that all the vents are clear of debris and have plenty of space to “breathe”.  If everything is clear, it may be time to get the compressed air.  You can get cans of it from most computer stores and of course Amazon has it as well.  Blow the compressed air through the vents and it may be prudent to blow out the inside of your desktop tower as well.  If that doesn’t take care of your overheating issue, it’s time to call a computer repair pro.

3. Blue Screen of Death:

Windows is kind enough to give us some information when something goes wrong with the system.  In Windows 10, the blue screen errors will give you the information and attempt to repair itself.  Sometimes it works, many times it doesn’t.  If you start receiving the blue screen errors, generally it means something has gone wrong with an application, driver, or update that you recently applied.

So, what happens if you get this?  Well, go ahead and let Windows try to fix the error itself.  If you still get the blue screen error, you should review the applications you have recently installed or updated.  Try removing and re-installing those.  Chances are, the initial installation ran into compatibility issues.  If reinstalling doesn’t work, try removing it completely.  If you want to get technical, you can try to restore Windows to a restore point. And if all else fails, give your local computer pro a call.

So, when going about your busy day, don’t forget to take notice of the hints your computer is giving you.  Be sure to give it a little care now and again, and it will serve you for a long time.

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