Water parks in Canada are a place a fun for young and adults. Depending on the water speed, and slide speed, there are different categories of water park slides. Also, water parks are a form of exercise, which will be both fun and beneficial to your health. There are several ways to get in shape and have fun in the water, including wave pools, slides, water activities, and pools. Because swimming burns more calories than any other sport, water parks are great places to get in shape while having a good time. Even though most world water parks are located in the US and China, there are some fun and big area water parks in Canada, especially in Edmonton. Let’s have a look at the best world water parks in Edmonton for 2024.

1. Woodland Water Play Parks

The multi-age playground and medieval-themed sprays at Woodlands Water Play Park enthrall visitors. It has over 20 water elements, including an exciting 50-gallon splash bucket, and spongy grounds for safety. 

With its age-appropriate design, the park offers a welcoming play space for all. There are restrooms and a Splash Deck Café with sunny and shady areas for lounging. 

This park, which is open every day, offers families enjoyable, free entertainment that combines comfort and excitement.

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2. World Water Parks 

World Water park is located inside the West Edmonton Mall, North America’s largest shopping mall. It’s a fun place with a wave pool, with 17 water slides, and other amenities. If you enjoy surfing, try the tsunami wave. 

Alternatively, have fun in the Hurricane, which allows you to roll about within a large water ball. There is also a dedicated pool for children called the Dolphin Kiddie Pool, which has toys and tiny slides. Families can enjoy the Sun Runner slide together, which is a large yellow tube. 

For children, Caribbean Cove has shallow water, slides, and a large bucket that spills water every two minutes. In addition to water fun, the mall features Galaxyland, a theme park. 

3. Wild Rapids Water Park 

Sylvan Lake’s Wild Rapid Water Slides Park, about 1.5 hours outside Edmonton, is the place to go for an exhilarating day. Every turn leads to a new experience on one of the many thrilling slides, such as the enormous Kami Kazi and Hari Kari. On either a single or double tube, families can enjoy the thrills of Hell’s Gate and Rio Grande.

Those who enjoy a good challenge will enjoy racing on the Sidewinder. A designated children’s area with a wading pool and smaller slides is available at the park as well. People can even go on floats shaped like seals.

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Before you go on this exciting retreat, be sure to grab your swimwear and some sunscreen. Keep in mind that you can’t bring any outside food or beverages into the park, but you can dine in the designated picnic area.

4. The Meadow Community Recreation Center 

A focal point of community life covering an amazing 234,419 square feet. This all-encompassing complex is a hub for sports, recreational activities, and social gatherings. 

It smoothly mixes amenities for both physical action and leisure, with an aquatic complex that includes lap pools, diving platforms, and a thrilling water slide. The facility also has a complete workout section that includes a gymnasium. 

Also, as well as outdoor spaces such as spray parks and trails, appealing to people of various ages and tastes. Its year-round accessibility guarantees that it remains a vibrant hub for community fitness, recreation, and friendship.

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5. Wingate Edmonton Parks 

This delightful water park, located at the Wingate by Wyndham parks in Edmonton, offers both excitement and relaxation. At its heart is an amazing two-story waterslide that entwines tourists in a thrilling drop into the pool. 

The mushroom waterfall is a kid-friendly attraction that offers both gentle and dramatic showers. If the youngsters are supervised, the hot tub provides an adult-only oasis for rest and relaxation. This aquatic wonderland is only open to hotel guests and offers a private experience. 

It is open from 6 a.m. to 10 p.m. and provides entertainment for people of all ages, though children under the age of 12 must be accompanied by an adult.

6. Galaxyland

Galaxyland, located in Alberta’s West Edmonton Mall, is a spectacular indoor entertainment destination. It was once known as Fantasy land before being rebranded in 1995, and it now features an interesting Space Age motif. 

This amusement complex was known for the Mindbender, the world’s tallest and longest indoor roller coaster, and the Space Shot, the highest indoor tower ride at launch, reaching 36.5 meters. 

Despite newer attractions breaking existing records, Galaxyland remains a magnet for thrill-seekers due to its variety of rides and activities. 

The park’s evolution featured a transition to space-themed decor and the introduction of “Cosmo,” its mascot, which enhanced the guest experience with an interplanetary flair.


Edmonton’s water parks, ranging from the lovely Woodlands Water Play Park to the massive World Water Park in West Edmonton Mall, provide unparalleled aquatic experiences. Each park has its own set of attractions, ranging from exhilarating slides to peaceful wave pools, catering to people of all ages and inclinations. Beyond enjoyment, these parks function as hubs for physical activity, promoting health and wellness while having fun. Edmonton demonstrates its worth as a top destination for water-based entertainment, offering the best in amusement and relaxation for both families and thrill seekers.


What is the best water park in Edmonton?

The World Water park in West Edmonton Mall is considered the best water park in Edmonton.

What are the best things to do at the Water park?

At the water park, engaging in thrilling water slides, exploring the wave pool, and trying out the zip line and bungee tower are among the top activities.

How much does water parks cost in Edmonton?

The cost of entry to water parks in Edmonton varies, with prices ranging from affordable for local parks to more premium for feature-rich parks like the World Waterpark.