Nothing is more frustrating than a slow computer. Overtime computers and laptops seem to slow down if you’re not maintaining and repairing it properly.  Computer or laptop maintenance and repairs should be done on a regular schedule and by those who have the right know how.  This will keep your PC or IT system working smooth and efficient. 

Computer repair shops in Vancouver provide dozens of different services and it can get confusing.  Whether it’s a small shop, an onsite technician, or a large corporation, the product names and the services they provide can sound like gibberish to the untrained ear.  We thought it might be helpful to understand exactly what the names mean and the services they provide.

Removing Viruses:

A virus is one of the most dangerous problems that can affect your computer. When your computer is attacked, it can completely shut down your computer and steal all kinds of data.  Computer technicians may refer to this as any of the following: Malware, Virus, Trojans, Trojan Horse, Infected system, Worms, and Nucleocapsid.  Although the last one is used more in reference to biological viruses, it is a great term basically describing the enclosed program that is hiding the computer virus. 

You’ll often hear solutions such as: Antivirus, Virus Scan, Virus Protection, Antivirus Agent.  These words generally refer to the same process of finding, removing, and protecting your system from any virus.  In our current world with all kinds of viruses attacking, it is vital to have this solution in place.

Data Back-Up and Recovery:

Data loss is something that can get anyone worried. Whether due to a virus, aging components, a power surge, etc. data loss could happen at any time.  Individuals and companies are both susceptible and will have major consequences if it is lost. This why we have back-up & recovery services.  This may be referred to as Back-Up, Copy, System Image, Restore, Shadow Copy, or System Restore.  It often consists of partitioning or reserving a space on your hard drive to copy the operating system and/or having a completely separate hard drive (possibly even an external hard drive) that copies everything including the operating system, and all programs, data, and files.  Having a back-up reduces the anxiety of knowing you could lose your system at any moment.  And if you do have a system crash, it can save precious time and data from being lost forever.

Constantly Freezing:

It is so frustrating to be in the middle of a process and have the computer freeze up on you.  In other words, your computer screen will come to a standstill or the screen will go all blue with an error message and you are not able to do anything without restarting.  Sometimes technicians will use these terms to describe it: Freezing, Hanging, Overheating, System Failure, Blue Screen, Blue Screen Error, Blue Screen of Death, and a variety of other terms that may not be appropriate?.  There are a lot of potential reasons that this may occur.  Anything from out of date drivers, to uninstalled updates, to incompatible software, to overheating components, to failing hardware, etc., etc.  This is usually a difficult problem to address so you will hear solutions range from any of the following: Tune Up, Optimize, Reinstall, Format, Clean-Up, Speed-Up, and generally Computer Repair.  The issue can ruin your whole system and should be addressed immediately.

Network Support:

A company’s network is crucial for keeping the business running as usual and your personal network is keeping you connected with the world and entertainment.  So, having good network support is an essential service that a computer repair company can offer to its customers. You’ll hear terms like: Networking, Interfaces, Protocols, Server, Router, Switch, Connection, LAN, WAN, WiFi, Firewall, VPN, Port, Link, IP, HTTP, DNS, FTP, etc.  These terms all refer to your network or some piece of your network.  Solving network issues could be a matter of updating settings, to replacing hardware, to running cable. 

Equipment Repairs:

Computer, laptops, printers, scanners, and other equipment are generally known as your system.  Just like any machine that has moving parts, these pieces tend to breakdown with usage.  That said, usually hardware issues occur to just one small part of a machine, which can be replaced.  The specific component can vary in cost and the removal/installation of the new component can be quick or it may require many detailed steps.  Because these repairs can vary so widely, you’ll want to have an experienced technician evaluate the issue and determine the amount of time it will take to fix the problem.  Without the estimate, you may be setting yourself up for a long repair that will add up in cost.

Whether you are experiencing issues with any of the topics above, or something that’s not discussed here, hiring a professional for computer repair in Vancouver may be your best bet.  Contact us and let’s see if there’s a good fit.