Computers are powerful but fragile machines that need to be looked after and provided with intensive care. Machines are designed for obsolesce and their demise cannot be avoided, however with performing regular maintenance of your computer you can ensure that during the time of urgent repair it will not cost you a lot for a pc computer repair in Vancouver due to the pristine condition of your computer.

Just like a car your computer requires routine maintenance. In the case of a computer, you must schedule a weekly and monthly, and annual maintenance routine. The speed of your computer suffers if repair is ignored and can lead to a system failure.

Weekly Computer Maintenance Schedule

It is not a feasible option for the average computer user to manually perform weekly maintenance, it would be a benefit to set up a schedule for windows to perform automatically. The first step is to backup your data on an external drive or cloud service. You can schedule it using Task scheduler. On Windows 7 you can select the option of Backup and restore under System and Security.

Disk Cleanup-

You select the option of Disk Cleanup under system tools. Windows will delete temporary Internet files, recycle bin and various other files that are safe to delete. You can select the option of task scheduler under system tools and click action to create a basic task. There select weekly for and set a time for the computer to perform a disk cleanup.

Virus Scan-

An antivirus provides real-time protection, yet you should set up weekly full scans too. Antivirus software has different preferences and instructions, follow them to set up a weekly scan

You need to leave your computer on 24/7 for the weekly schedule to work. Most computers can be configured to go into low-power mode and wake up to perform these tasks when you are not using the computer.

Monthly Computer Maintenance Schedule

Disk Defragmenter-

Luckily the new generation of PCs have a solid-state hard drive that should not be defragmented.

Clean computer-

Ensure that the location of your computer is clean and vacuumed every month. Check the internal and external fans for dust, hair, or any other debris that can cause heat-buildup.

Software Update-

Setup automatic download and setting up updates for software. These updates are mostly security fixes and should be installed immediately.

Hard Drive Diagnostics-

Check for impending hard drive failure by running check disk monthly. To set up monthly checks for your computer to perform go to the properties of C: drive, there click the check now button within the error checking section. Windows will automatically fix file system errors and Scan for and attempt recovery of bad sector present in the disk.

Annual Computer Maintenance Schedule

System Recovery-

Your PC will gradually slow down despite the best efforts by you. If you are not provided with a windows installation disk or have not bought it, burn the recovery disks for your computer and store them in a safe place. Most major brands will have utility to create these disk in their settings. Before you use the recovery disk ensure that you have created a backup for all your data and stored it at an external hard drive. Use the disk to wipe and restore the factory setting of your computer annually to ensure that your computer keeps running like brand new.

By following the above-mentioned schedule and tasks you will ensure that various problems of your computer do not pile up that will cause more trouble when you come across an issue that requires computer repair services in Vancouver.  

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