Most of the computer owners face several computer issues that plague their system during the span of their lives. Repairing the computer at home might sound practical, but it can consume a lot of time, and expenses. It can even cause permanent damage if not done in the right way. In the case, a need for hiring a specialized technician comes into limelight. A lack of proper knowledge can even bring a complicated time to distinguish whether the issue is affecting either the hardware or software. Below are some of the common issues, in which you may need a computer repair technician to get it repaired:


The Blue Screen of Death, also known as BSOD, is a common issue faced by most of the computer owners, which complicates the system and, finds it hard to fix it. It is either related to hardware or driver, which signifies that the system had to stop forcefully. By taking note of the STOP code that appears on-screen, you can look it up to determine the root cause of the problem.

You can also contact a computer repair expert if you face the issue. The expert will conduct a process of diagnostic examination to find the problem. Many Blue Screen Error Codes are there, which need several remedies to apply step-by-step based on the type of error code displayed on your computer. In the case, hiring a technician would be of a great idea rather than getting it repaired by yourself.

Graphical Errors:

Among the common issues faced by the computer owners, graphical errors come as one of them by giving a jumbled mess on your screen when you turn it on. Images on your screen will not be displayed appropriately by showing a distorted look.

It would be a good idea to check your card drivers whether it contains any issues or not before starting the software diagnosis. Checking the presence of any potential threats such as expired drivers, loose VGA cables, along with damages in the monitor are advisable to conduct before repairing it as a software issue.

One can also try checking the computer by connecting to another monitor to examine if the issue persists or not. If you still encounter the same problem even after trying all the above methods, contacting a technician would be the best option. Many people with such cases seek help from technicians for home computer repair in Winnipeg.

Blank Monitor:

A blank display that appears on the screen of the monitor can be a problem related to the connection between screen and computer. Graphics Cards can also be the factor of the issue so, it would also be helpful to examine the graphics cards as well.

One can also try connecting the computer cable to another monitor to determine the origin of the issue, whether it comes from the PC or the monitor. If the power of the monitor is not on after this, again try replacing the cable with another one. If the problem persists even after trying all these steps, you can seek help from a repairing technician.

These are a few conditions that show a need to contact a computer repair technician. For those people who face an issue with their MacBook can also search for apple computer repair in Winnipeg. Get your computer issues repaired on time before a small repair turns worse into permanent damage.