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The evolution of websites and web programming has evolved over the years. The first web is a static text and image website, the second is dynamic and graphical and the third is a decentralized technology. Web3 gaming platforms incorporate the concepts of decentralization, blockchain technology, and token-based economics. Decentralized in the sense that consumers accessing the internet will be able to own and govern sections of the internet themselves.

This means that some companies which collect information from web2.0 websites won’t be able to do that in web3.0. Blockchain technology is behind Web3.0 functions which redefine data structure and facilitate the decentralized characteristic of web3. A common example of web3 implementation includes; Bitcoins, NFTs, Ethereum, dApps, Apple’s Siri, etc. Even though the most common ones are the bitcoins and NFTs platforms, web3 does apply to the game also.  

Web3 gaming will go with the same backend programming for all gaming with dependence and secured additions. In web3 gaming, the players have complete ownership over in-game assets, and play-to-earn functionalities with token-based tech, which gives real monetary rewards for playing. Let’s see the top 5 Best Web3 gaming platforms to check out in 2022.

1. UFO Gaming

A platform called UFO Gaming offers a variety of game genres, including esports and blockchain virtual reality. The eSports business has made UFO a well-known brand, and it intends to grow even further to attract more customers and fans. The Metaverse version of it consists of an indefinite ecosystem, a virtual reality world, P2P games, in-game NFTs, virtual land, and a Metaverse Launchpad that always needs UFO tokens. On any of the various gaming platforms and game genres, you may play to earn. The UFO gaming platform is a play-to-earn game environment. To play, you must stake UFO Tokens or UFO-ETH LP to gain Plasma Points. You may create the rare Origin UFOep NFTs with Plasma Points. You may buy Genesis NFTs and other characters required to play Super Galactic with the acquired plasma.

2. Gala Games

The player-owned Node Ecosystem supports Gala Games Network. Users run the Nodes on their computers to support the Gala Network. Whether you are an expert in blockchain technology or not, they are believed to employ straightforward game mechanics that anybody can enjoy. Champion Arena, Fortitude, and other adventure pay-to-win games are only a few of the many games that you may play as a player. Items won in games are owned by the players. Your possessions, including any inherited status, are verifiable assets on the blockchain that you may trade with other players or use for in-game purposes.

3. Tezos

Developers, artists, entrepreneurs, brands, and others from all over the world create and interact with a network of decentralized apps on the energy-efficient blockchain known as Tezos. Tezos does not create games from scratch but instead offers developers the option to create new gaming. To generate web3 experiences, games like puzzles and trading card games are being redesigned. Tezos is also working with Ubisoft games to have some advanced web3 games. Additionally, consumers and developers may benefit from a web3 environment rich with distinctive digital applications. For artists and collectors to earn their valuable tokens, NFT markets on Tezos are often accessible.

4. Vulcan Forged

With 10+ games and the top 5 NFT marketplace volume, Vulcan Forged is a reputable token (NFT) game studio marketplace and dApp incubator. a Web3 gaming site where you can play fantasy games and win LAVA tokens that you can exchange on our NFT Marketplace and also use in our NFT gaming token pool. To qualify for the Vulcan Forged $LAVA, a player must accumulate a total of 10,000 XP through gaming. The Vulcan Forged PYR stock is presently available for purchase or trading. Which is on trading platforms including Binance, Huobi Global, KuCoin, and Gate.io.

5. Flow NFT Gaming platform

Flow is made for Web3 applications that require excellent user experiences, including decentralized banking, Metaverse, NFTs, and gaming. created by Dapper Labs, the same company that produced the infamous blockchain game CryptoKitties and NBA Top Shots. Games like Olympic 2022, The Football Club, Metaverse Football League, Enemy Metal, and others may be found in The Flowserve. There are currently 13 games being developed and 23 games that can be played.

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