On September 6, 2018, a mass shooting occurred in Cincinnati, Ohio, United States. The Cincinnati shooting stunned the nation, leaving many in shock and disbelief. At 9:06 am EDT, Omar Santa-Perez opened fire with a Taurus PT-809E 9mm pistol equipped with standard and hollow-point ammunition in the lobby of the Fifth Third Center in Cincinnati, Ohio, killing three people and also injuring two other people. He was then shot and killed by responding police officers.

 About the Shooter

Omar Enrique Santa-Perez was a 29-year-old Puerto Rican citizen who was living in the US and had a history of employment and mental health issues. He was reportedly bitter and struggling to hold down a job. Santa-Perez filed a lawsuit against CNBC Universal Media LLC and TD Ameritrade Holding Corp. in December 2017, claiming they uncovered his identity and published it online. He initially demanded over $5 million in damages but later reduced it to $3.3 million. He claimed he had about $700 in stocks and owed $800 to T-Mobile and the University of Cincinnati Health.

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The Shooting Incident

The gunman, Omar Santa-Perez, walked across Fountain Square on a Thursday morning, blending into the crowd of bankers, accountants, lawyers, clerks, and secretaries. He was there solely to kill innocent people, not for work or meetings.

The gunman shot at five people in Fifth Third Center. Two bank employees and a contractor were killed. Two other people were injured in a shooting spree by Santa-Perez, who had entered a sandwich shop before opening fire. His gun jammed, allowing officers to approach the lobby. Santa-Perez fired multiple times, and four responding officers engaged him. 

The Hamilton County Coroner reported that Santa-Perez had a single weapon but a large ammunition supply of about 250 bullets. It was reported that he never hesitated to empty his magazine and do it all over again. The gunman was stopped after police responded in three and a half minutes. He died on the spot.

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First responders at the scene reported one victim deceased, while two others were declared deceased after arriving at the University of Cincinnati Medical Center. First responders at the scene reported one victim deceased, while two others were declared deceased after arriving at the University of Cincinnati Medical Center. Two other injured victims were also transported, with one listed in critical condition and the other in fair condition. 

The victims were: Richard Newcomer, 64; Prudhvi Raj Kandepi, 25, and Luis Felipe, 48. Mr. Newcomer was a husband, a father to three, and a grandfather to eight. Kandepi was a young engineer from India who came to Cincinnati to chase his American dream. Felipe took a job at Fifth Third in Cincinnati to give his wife and two children in Florida a better life.

Two other victims, Brian Sarver and Whitney Austin, survived to tell their stories of what happened that day. Austin was shot 12 times. Also, she recounted slumping to the ground, pretending to be dead, in hopes of making it out alive to see her children again.


Speaking at a press conference, Cincinnati mayor John Cranley stated that initial reports appeared to show that the victims were shot at random and that it didn’t appear to be a dispute between people.

During the initial investigation, police discovered that the shooter carried hundreds of rounds of ammunition and had the potential to kill over 100 people. Law enforcement released body camera footage on September 8, documenting the officers’ actions when they encountered the gunman. 


The Cincinnati shooting was a tragic event that shook the city to its core. It is considered one of the darkest days in Cincinnati’s history. As the community continues to heal, it’s essential to remember the lives lost and work towards preventing similar tragedies in the future. Through unity and resilience, Cincinnati will emerge stronger than ever before.

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How long did the Cincinnati shooting last?

The shooting lasted for about 4 minutes and 28 seconds before the shooter was shot and brought down.

How many casualties were recorded in the Cincinnati shooting?

Three people were killed as a result of the shooting, while another two were injured.

What was the motive behind the Cincinnati shooting?

The motive behind the Cincinnati shooting was not known for certain because the shooter was killed. 

How did law enforcement respond to the incident?

Law enforcement responded swiftly to the scene, deploying units to contain the situation and ensure public safety. The police were able to bring down the gunman.