The career requires development, progression, and improvements in all aspects. Sometimes, it is not necessary to change careers entirely before ensuring development, as one can level up in the current career. Many people switching to tech can be seen as a career development. People adding skills to their existing careers, to level up are also developing. For instance, let’s say, as a digital marketer, you specialize in Search Engine Optimization. On trying to level up, for better pay, you gain experience in business analytics and management. You would want to seek a new Digital marketing job that requires your new skills and pays higher.

Also, you can level up by going entirely out of what you currently do. This means you will have to start learning entirely new things and practical experience in this new field. This kind of level-up might take time and dedication, and you will have to start from every level. Leveling up in the US, for better pay is smooth provided you have enough dedication, the right skills, and search the right places. US Cities like Salt Lake City are a good place to level up your Career, as the city has the jobs you need. Let’s find out what the 8 most popular good-paying jobs in Salt Lake City are for individuals looking to level up their careers. 

6 Steps to Level Up Your Career in Salt Lake City for 2024

Before you can level up your career, either internally, or externally from your current field, you will need to ensure taking crucial steps. Start by researching the best career you can switch to, related to what you currently do, but more advanced. Then explore these career interests, get the required skills, and seek professional mentorship. Also, search the local Salt Lake City resources, and start hunting for a new job, or seek upgrades at the current one. 

Ready to Level Up Your Career? Salt Lake City has the Jobs you Need

1. Research the Best Career Opportunities in Your Field

Leading the way in Salt Lake City’s economic expansion are industries like technology, healthcare, and finance. To find out which sectors are expanding and what jobs are in demand, start by conducting market research. 

To get information, consult reports, industry publications, and local employment boards. You can determine where your career may thrive the most, this technical stage entails examining job patterns, growth estimates, and wage standards unique to the Salt Lake City area.

2. Explore Your Career Interests

It’s critical to comprehend your job interests in light of Salt Lake City’s economic climate. Think about the components of your work that you find most enjoyable and how they relate to the opportunities in the city. For instance, if technology is your passion, check out Silicon Slopes’ growing tech community. In addition to being introspective, this investigation involves visiting industry meetings, participating in local career fairs, and interacting with local networking organizations to determine what most fascinates you.

3. Get the Required Skills

Getting the required skills is the next phase, keeping in mind the desired sectors and jobs. Many opportunities for skill development are available in Salt Lake City, such as workshops, courses at nearby colleges and universities, and vocational training programs. 

Pay attention to both transferable skills—like coding or financial analysis—and soft skills—like communication and leadership, which are always in demand. Make use of internet resources to obtain extra credentials that can help your CV stand out.

4. Seek Professional Mentorship

Locating a Salt Lake City mentor who is well-established in the sector you want to work in may offer priceless advice and insights. A professional mentor can guide you through the local employment market, provide guidance on advancing your career, and expose you to networking possibilities. 

To locate mentors, connect with local alumni networks at nearby colleges, LinkedIn, and professional groups. Both parties should gain from this partnership, and you may contribute your thoughts and abilities.

5. Search on Local SLC Resources

Several options in Salt Lake City can help with professional development. You have access to several local resources, such as the career services offered by the Salt Lake City Public Library and the Utah Department of Workforce Services. 

Employment listings, career counseling, resume workshops, and networking events catered to the Salt Lake City employment market are frequently offered by these services. Make use of these resources to expand your knowledge of the work market in your area.

6. Hunt for New Jobs or Upgrade at the Current Job

You’re prepared to take the next step because you have a clear idea of your professional path, the abilities to support it, and a network of Salt Lake City resources and mentors. If you’re looking for work, focus your search on organizations and positions that fit your professional objectives. You can search availably on Linkedin or Indeed 

If you’re hoping to advance in your present position, make a strong case for a promotion or pay increase by emphasizing your accomplishments, newfound abilities, and how you can contribute to the company through your networking and market research.

8 High Paying Jobs in Salt Lake City for 2024

For 2024, here are the top 8 highest-paying jobs in Salt Lake City. 

Ready to Level Up Your Career? Salt Lake City has the Jobs you Need

1. Salesforce Specialist

Companies are actively seeking Salesforce specialists to enhance customer connections and business outcomes. Knowing the fundamentals of customer relationship management and how Salesforce works are the absolute necessities. 

To progress, you need to learn data analytics, Salesforce Lightning, and Apex programming so you can create unique solutions.  Your employability will skyrocket when you earn Salesforce credentials like Certified Platform Developer I and II.

2. Software Engineering

Software engineering, which is essential for technological advancement, calls for proficiency in computer languages such as C++, Python, and Java.

If you want to advance in your career by concentrating on areas like cybersecurity, cloud computing, or artificial intelligence, you need to know how these technologies work in theory as well as in practice. 

To stand out, focus on developing expertise in cutting-edge technology like blockchain or artificial intelligence (AI).

3. Licensed Practical Nurse

Earning a license to practice nursing is the first step in becoming a licensed practical nurse (LPN). For those looking to take their careers to the next level, LPNs might think about specializing in pediatrics or gerontology and consider getting a BSN or other advanced degree to broaden their job prospects and even become registered nurses. 

Gaining the credentials to practice as a registered nurse (RN) can pave the way to more senior roles with more responsibilities.

4. Research Specialist

Salt Lake City’s booming biotech and pharmaceutical sectors have created a critical shortage of qualified research professionals. Essential skills in analyzing data, knowledge of laboratory procedures, and research methodology. 

Competence at the Advanced Level includes Familiarity with regulatory compliance requirements, proficiency with specialist laboratory equipment, and mastery of statistical software. If you want to take charge of research initiatives, getting a master’s or PhD degree is the way to go.

5. IT Technician 

IT workers play a crucial role in maintaining the IT infrastructure of every tech-driven city, serving as its foundation. Essential skills required include proficiency in network configuration, computer systems, and troubleshooting hardware/software issues. 

Proficiency in cybersecurity, cloud computing, and sophisticated networking is necessary. Having CompTIA A+ and Network+ certifications can be highly beneficial. Elevating your professional path by specializing in cloud computing or cybersecurity can open doors to positions of greater responsibility and higher salary potential.

6. Construction Engineer

Construction engineers play a crucial role in the construction sector by overseeing the planning, development, and execution of building projects. A bachelor’s degree in civil engineering or a related field is necessary for this role, along with previous experience in construction processes and materials. Project management, construction safety, and building information modeling (BIM) are exemplary skills that demonstrate a high level of expertise.

7. Craftmanship 

Salt Lake City values craftsmanship greatly, with numerous businesses actively seeking talented individuals capable of delivering top-notch goods and services. Mastery of a specific craft or trade, such as carpentry, welding, or machining, is a key skill necessary for this role. Having a strong command of design, problem-solving, and quality control showcases a high level of expertise.

8. Upgrading to Skills at the High Level of current Career 

Finally, it is crucial to consider upgrading your skills to the advanced level of your current position if you aspire to enhance your abilities and advance in your professional journey. 

This could involve pursuing additional education or training or seeking guidance and mentorship from experienced professionals in your field. 

Demonstrating strong work ethic, a genuine desire to learn, and a willingness to take calculated risks are essential qualities for success in this role. Proficiency in leadership, communication, and strategic planning exemplify advanced abilities.


Advancing your career in Salt Lake City requires a deliberate blend of internal progress and exploring new opportunities. The road to job advancement includes both improving existing talents and exploring new disciplines. With its thriving employment market, notably in technology, healthcare, and finance, the city provides an ideal environment for professional development. Individuals may advance their professions by concentrating on skill development, mentorship, and utilizing local resources. This comprehensive strategy guarantees that everyone wishing to progress in Salt Lake City has several possibilities to advance and accomplish their professional goals in a supportive atmosphere.