Have you ever wondered if there was a way to help your brain get reprogrammed? Maybe you might have seen some movies that took it to the extreme. Like putting tech in people to make them supers (good or bad). Well, this is not exactly fictional anymore. There is a company in Salt Lake City, Utah that has figured out a way to imitate the brain functions and allow the brain to make connections that it is lacking. 

Photo by Jeremy Waterhouse from Pexels

What does this Mean?

Well, there are several different neurological problems that people have that there is no real cure for. This new tech allows the brain to function by imitating the same type of connection it would have normally. It does not take over the brain to make a sci-fi epidemic but helps those in extreme cases to function again. 

Can it Help with Prosthetics? 

For those who have lost limbs, this new tech allows them to actually feel the same sensation through the prosthetic limb that you would normally feel if that limb was there all along. It uses pins that connect to the brain and act like receivers. This allows the brain to translate to the limbs what is going on. It is a huge tech breakthrough where it combines tech with biology to help those in need. 

Parkinsons and Epilepsy

Another way it is helpful is for those with Parkinsons and Epilepsy. This tech works in the same fashion as those with no limbs. It uses those tiny chips that are placed on the brain during a full craniotomy to talk to the body to make it do the normal functions. It is similar to a pacemaker that tells the heart to beat but it is in the brain telling the body to function. 

Cure Jet Lag

The newest way it is trying to help people is by creating a way to avoid jet lag. There are so many times that people are sent out for military, medical, and important jobs where they get little to no rest and have to function at their highest ability. This new tech allows them to do so. It signals to the body peptides to adjust the body’s circadian rhythm. This makes them alert and aware after they have been flying crazy hours. Not only does it help with the tiredness factor but it also helps with stomach issues and weakened immune problems. 

Could this Cause Problems?

With all this crazy tech that can control the brain to help those in need, it is natural to become wary or scared of the new technology. What is to stop someone from programming it and doing something wrong? Well, in the article found on KSL.com, it states, “The idea of an implanted device may seem like a daunting prospect to some, especially given the recent spread of false information that the COVID-19 vaccine contains a microchip used to track people. Gerhardt thinks asking questions is good when it comes to technology and regulation; however, he doesn’t feel that people need to be too concerned about future implications.” He then further says that with all the new inventions that have come out, there is always a scare and some of the things that are scary have come true but the good that has come from it make it worth the risk. What do you think of this new tech?

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