This coronavirus quarantine has gave us to much to talk. Because of the events that has been occurred in airports, malls, stores and more places around the world. The probability to get contagious is higher in those places. This is one of the reasons why, we highly recommend you to stay at home until new notice. By doing it you’ll be able to spend more time with yourself and family allowing you to be aware. We know the struggle that represents for some people to be lockup inside. Therefore, we bring you 10 things to do while stuck at home.

1. Cook all your meals

Either you know how to cook or not this is a great moment to do it. This will increase your cooking skills or learn how to. Also you and your family will be able to eat healthier. If you don’t come up with cooking ideas, would be perfect to look on YouTube. Here some good channels that worth a try.
Food Wishes
Binging with Babish
Laura in the Kitchen

2. Exercise

Remember that purpose of Christmas last year? Did you enroll on a gym? if not, now you don’t have excuses to start exercising right away. The perfect way to do it, it’s doing exercises with your own weight. Or probably you were already going to the gym but unfortunately they had to close. Keep on moving, this is the perfect complement to the previous point. It will help you to increase your healthy life style. Now we present you some YouTube channels to exercise at home.

3. Play Board games

Spending time with your family is something you don’t want to miss. One of the best ways to do it, it’s all having fun. Board games are a good solution for that, they’re challenging and keep your mind thinking strategies to win. Also some of them can take you 1, 3 or more hours of play so it would be a good time killer. Our best selection for you…
– HedBandz
– Monopoly
– Scrabble
– Pictionary
– Guess Who?

4. Watch movies or series

There are a ton of web sites these days where you can pay a small amount of money to have access to a huge variety of movies and series. Another great time killer and a good reason the gather together with family or spend time by yourself. Don’t miss the chance and give a try to the next sites.
21 Best Sites Like Netflix as an Alternative to Streaming Online

5. Clean and organize

You ever wanted to have a clean and organize house? Start now, because probably when the coronavirus quarantine ends you’ll have a ton of work to do. So take advantage of this and start moving things around until you get the results that you ever wanted. We provide you with a full guide to work on, so check it out and give it a try. we wish yo the best of luck.
1 week schedule to a clean and organized house

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