Many predict that between 25 to 30 percent of the workforce will continue working from home well into 2021. With so much business being conducted from private residences, keeping your computer running smoothly in Edmonton is of utmost importance. 

Tips on Keeping Your Computer Running Smoothly 

At first, your computer was probably running smoothly, and your productivity was great. However, recently have you noticed a slowdown in performance? Perhaps the web pages are not loading, and some programs have become unresponsive. In some cases, the machine’s boot-up might have started to lag. Now you are probably wondering if you need to purchase a new computer to gain the speed you need. Yes, computers do become outdated and they slow down with time. Maybe it is time to invest in a machine that boasts more modern technology. However, there are also things that you can do to keep your computer running smoothly and regain some of the speed that you have lost.    

Stay Up to date on Updates 

It is easy to look over updates if you are working and you do not want to wait for your computer to re-boot. You might be tempted to just hit skip. However, it is important that you run the required updates to keep your computer running smoothly Basically, you should always reboot when you receive a prompt that a Windows Update is needed. You should always run Microsoft updates because they are well-known for keeping their systems protected from vulnerabilities. In addition, keep other major applications such as Adobe updated.

Clean Out Unused Data

It is easy to overlook your downloads and documents files. Keeping excessive files and emails might be necessary for your business. Ideally, you should regularly open your files and clean them out. Look in your downloads file, purge your email, check out your history, clean out unwanted pictures, and remove movies from your library. You can even use utilities from Microsoft or Apple to clean up your system. 

Use a Single Browser

Ideally, you should stick with one browser. Web browsers take a lot of RAM (memory). If you have two or more browsers installed on your computer, then it can seriously hinder performance. Ideally, you should take the time to empty out cookie and temporary files. 

Rebooting Your System is Important

Does your computer ask you if you want to reboot your computer? The reason why it does this is that it is one of the best ways to maintain the machine’s normal state. A reboot helps return the computer to its normal state. Problems arise if a code script becomes unresponsive or stuck then your computer will have a problem. The best way to fix that is to reboot the system. Also, if your computer maxes out its memory then you will need to close certain programs and reboot to regain your computer’s speed. Also, your network connections and adapters might end up dropping a connection and the only way to re-establish the connection is to reboot the system. In addition, a reboot helps your computer install updates. Overall, a restart helps your computer refresh itself. 

If you have tried everything to regain your computer’s speed but have failed, then do not rush out and buy a new system. Instead, contact TickTockTech. We offer both onsite and remote repairs to keep your computer running smoothly in Edmonton.

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