While considering human safety during deep freeze low temperatures, animal lives are important too. Domestic animals are domesticated because they can’t almost survive in the wild for long. But when they get lost in some cases, someone has to find them and cater to them. In a situation, like the deep freeze temperature in Edmonton, they don’t survive outside in low temperatures. This is where companies like the Alberta Animal Rescue Crew Society (AARCS) Edmonton come in. They help with stray cats and dogs, and they are imploring more humans to show kindness to these creatures. 

What is the Work of AARCS?

The Alberta Animal Rescue Crew Society (AARCS) is a non-profit organization committed to animal welfare. AARCS is based in Alberta and has a large network of volunteers, foster homes, and animal lovers. Their primary goal is to rescue animals, primarily cats and dogs, from rural areas of Alberta where animal services are scarce. They will also accept surrendered animals or transfers from other shelters if they have space.

Animals rescued by AARCS are first transported to their shelter in Southeast Calgary. Before entering the foster care system, they are quarantined. These animals benefit from a loving environment provided by volunteer families. The majority of veterinary care is provided at AARCS Veterinary Hospital, with some cases referred to partner clinics.

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AARCS provides a variety of services, including adoption, pet food assistance, disaster response, and animal rehoming. Thanks to community support, they have expanded their services to include other animals in addition to cats and dogs.

Aarcs Edmonton, AARCS urges fostering during Alberta's deep freeze.

AARCS aims to create a compassionate world for all animals. They seek to prevent animal homelessness and cruelty while also promoting responsible pet ownership. AARCS connects rescued animals with loving homes by encouraging adoption, while also advocating for societal change toward animal welfare. Fostering with AARCS entails providing a temporary, haven for pets, which is both rewarding and important for the animals’ rehabilitation and adoption readiness.

AARCS urges fostering during Alberta’s deep freeze.

With Alberta facing a severe cold snap, the Alberta Animal Rescue Crew Society (AARCS) is calling for immediate foster home support. As temperatures are expected to dive to -30 degrees, over 30 dogs are in urgent need of foster care. The upcoming extreme weather has led to an increase in rescue operations. AARCS emphasizes that fostering saves lives by providing a warm refuge for homeless animals and making space for new rescues.

Rachel Cote, AARCS’ director of programs, highlights the dire situation. Without foster homes, many animals could face fatal outcomes. The organization is preparing for a higher volume of rescue calls due to the freezing conditions. Fostering not only offers animals a loving environment but also ensures the shelters can accommodate more in need.

AARCS has shelters in Calgary and Edmonton and supports foster families with all necessary supplies. This includes food, bedding, and medical care. Leigh McLean, AARCS’ Edmonton operations manager, noted an overall increase in intake requests over the past year. The swift change in weather particularly threatens young animals, who lack the resilience and knowledge to survive the harsh conditions.

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As Alberta braces for temperatures dropping significantly, with a -40 wind chill expected, AARCS urges community members to consider fostering. The City of Edmonton has activated its extreme cold weather response, underscoring the urgency of the situation. By opening their homes, foster volunteers can provide crucial support during this challenging period, ensuring vulnerable animals find warmth and safety amidst the deep freeze.

Benefits of Fostering Animals for Care

Fostering animals provides numerous benefits to both pets and temporary caregivers. Fostering is extremely important to the Alberta Animal Rescue Crew Society (AARCS). It helps to prepare animals for permanent homes. Each foster animal is spayed or neutered, microchipped, vaccinated, and treated for parasites. This includes providing care for any additional medical needs and ensuring their health is prioritized.

Opening your home to a foster pet helps to reduce pet homelessness. This act not only saves a life but also creates space for another animal in need. The joy and unconditional love that a foster pet brings to a home are invaluable. Pets are known to reduce stress, provide comfort, and promote physical activity.

Fostering also helps to stabilize animals’ emotions and psychology. A loving foster home facilitates their rehabilitation. It gives them the best chance of success in adoption. This is critical, especially since AARCS frequently operates at full capacity. It aims to place as many animals as possible in permanent homes.

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Moreover, fostering provides a sense of fulfillment. You play an important role in an animal’s journey to a happy, stable existence. It’s an opportunity to enjoy pet companionship without making a long-term commitment. This is ideal for those who are unsure whether to adopt.

AARCS treats pets in need of rehoming due to life changes with respect. Finding a new home is always the last option. Fostering ensures that these animals receive the care and attention they require until a permanent home is found.


In Alberta’s deep freeze, AARCS Edmonton, AB needs foster homes. In extreme temperatures, fostering protects animals. The non-profit AARCS promotes animal welfare in Alberta. Fostering rescues animals by providing warmth and safety. It brings love and companionship to foster homes. This effort is crucial now that the cold threatens vulnerable animals. Fostering helps animals at AARCS get a better life. In cold weather, community response can save lives. Fostering is kind and saves animals from deadly cold. This plea from AARCS shows how one person can change the world through fostering. Fostering unites a compassionate community for animal welfare.