One of the best destinations for international students who wish to further their education is Canada. Many people from other countries and continents have been showing interest in Canada for decades. This doesn’t come one-sided, but because Canada is a friendly accommodating country. Thanks to the people and the government. However, students will have to pay for tuition and other fees before moving in, especially if they are going for a master’s. However, there are internal automatic exclusions for tuition in most PhD programs. Most master’s and B.Sc programs require self-funding. This might be hard, as most international currencies are on the high end when compared to the Canadian dollar. 

Fortunately, external and internal Canada scholarships are available for international students in various departments to help with partial or full funding in 2024. Let’s have a look at each of these available scholarships, the requirements, registration fees, and deadline. 

1. McGill University Scholarships

McGill, a University in Montreal is renowned for its academic prowess, providing a wide range of faculties to cater to diverse interests. They offer a wide range of programs, spanning from Engineering to Medicine, to cater to a diverse array of interests. International students play a crucial role in their vibrant community and have access to a wide range of scholarships. 

These awards encompass both merit-based recognition and need-based financial assistance, promoting inclusivity. McGill is aware of the difficulties that overseas students may encounter while pursuing their education. The mission of Scholarships and Student Aid is to guarantee that deserving students from any location receive the financial assistance they need to enroll in and successfully finish their academic programs at the university. Undergraduate students will get up to $8,500 from these scholarships, while master’s and doctoral students will receive small bursaries. 

Deadline varies by admission deadline for each program. For requirements and other important pieces of information, Visit the official website to learn more.

2. University of Ottawa 2024 Scholarships 

One of Canada’s top 10 research-intensive institutions and a part of the U7 International Alliance, Ottawa is home to 23 research centers and institutes, 94 Canada Research Chairs, and almost $350 million in research revenue yearly. Ottawa provides an outstanding academic atmosphere for overseas students to complete their studies.

Several of Canada’s premier universities and colleges are located there; several of them often rank in the top three. Because of uOttawa excellent academic standards, affordable tuition, and central location in Canada’s capital, students from over 145 countries choose to attend. Although there are scholarships available, overseas students can generally anticipate paying greater tuition, which ranges from CAD 20,000 to CAD 40,000 annually. International students from these countries will benefit from considerable tuition discounts beginning in the fall of 2024 when they enroll in one of the approved undergraduate programs offered in English. Benefits Vary by Faculty but an average of $22,000 stipend per year.

For requirements, benefits deadlines, and registration information, visit the official website

3. Brock University Canada Scholarship 

Brock University, located in Ontario, is well-known for its thriving student body and high-quality academic programs. They meets the needs of a wide range of students by offering courses in fields as varied as business and health sciences. 

Scholarships are available to international students in a variety of forms, from those that reward academic achievement to those that fund particular academic initiatives. Scholars looking to study in Canada will find Brock to be an attractive option because of its dedication to supporting international talent through financial aid. Welcome to an opportunity to flourish culturally and academically at a school that supports your global education.

Requirements and deadlines vary by either undergraduate or graduate program. For undergraduate programs, here are the requirements. For the graduate program scholarship 2024 here are the requirements 

4. University of Waterloo Scholarships 

The University of Waterloo, known for its creativity and intellectual prowess, offers a variety of scholarships to overseas students. The institution offers a wide range of academic departments, such as engineering, mathematics, and computer science, creating a stimulating educational atmosphere. 

International students have the opportunity to receive scholarships such as the International Master’s and Doctoral Awards, which are awarded to those who have demonstrated outstanding academic accomplishments. These prizes serve to alleviate the financial strain and demonstrate the university’s dedication to cultivating a diverse and skilled student body, so making the University of Waterloo an attractive option for international scholars in 2024.

For more on the eligibility, deadlines, and benefits details, visit the University of Waterloo’s official website. 

5. University of Alberta International Students Scholarships 

The University of Alberta welcomes international students enthusiastically, offering a wide range of faculties that encompass fields such as engineering and humanities. The institution, known for its academic excellence, offers a variety of scholarships to support overseas students pursuing undergraduate and graduate degrees. 

The awards, such as the esteemed International Entrance Leadership Scholarship, are designed to recognize and assist outstanding accomplishments. This platform provides a means of obtaining financial aid, making it an attractive choice for individuals in search of high-quality education accompanied by strong support networks.

For more on the eligibility, deadlines, and benefits details, visit the University of Alberta International Students Scholarships official website. 

Canada Scholarships for International Students in 2024

6. Dalhousie University Scholarship 2024 

A famous Canadian institution, distinguishes itself via the variety of its professors and the breadth of its programs in fields such as Arts, Science, Engineering, and others. Dalhousie University draws a high number of foreign students due to its excellent academic reputation and the availability of generous scholarships.

The University will continue to support global study by offering substantial scholarships such as the famous International Student Scholarship, which awards up to $20,000 in incentives. These scholarships ease financial hardship while emphasizing Dalhousie’s commitment to developing a truly inclusive and globally engaged academic community.

For more on the eligibility, deadlines, and benefits details, visit the Dalhousie University Scholarship official website. 

7. Carleton University Scholarships 2024

Carleton University, located in Ottawa, offers a variety of academic possibilities to international students. It provides a full educational experience, including faculties in Engineering, Business, Arts, and Sciences. The college warmly welcomes overseas students and is well-known for its numerous scholarship programs.

Carleton University stays special by awarding over 500 scholarships to international students totaling more than CAD 4 million. Carleton University exhibits its commitment to developing global talent and making education accessible through a variety of scholarships, including those based on merit and leadership.  These scholarships are not limited to academic achievements; they also consider other factors such as leadership, community service, and participation in extracurricular activities.

For more on the eligibility, deadlines, and benefits details, visit Carleton University Scholarships 2024 official website. 

8. University of Victoria Canada 

The University of Victoria in Canada stands out for its welcoming environment for international students. With a diverse faculty covering various disciplines, it provides a rich academic experience. 

The university offers an array of scholarships to international students, including the International Entrance Scholarship and the UVic International Undergraduate Scholarships. These awards, ranging from $10,000 to $30,000, recognize academic excellence and help create an inclusive and globally engaged community.

For more on the eligibility, deadlines, and benefits details, visit the University of Victoria Canada 

official website. 


Who is eligible for the Canada International Scholarship?

International students with excellent academic records and achievements are eligible for Canadian scholarships. Specific qualifying requirements differ for each university.

How much GPA is required for a scholarship in Canada for 2024?

Requirements vary, but a 3.0 GPA or better is frequently required for many Canadian scholarships, including those at the University of Victoria.

How can I apply for the Canada International scholarship?

Visit the university’s official website and click on the scholarship area. Follow the application guidelines, which often include sending academic records, recommendation letters, and a personal statement.

Which is the cheapest university in Canada?

While tuition varies, some reasonably priced Canadian universities include Memorial University of Newfoundland, the University of Prince Edward Island, and Simon Fraser University. Conduct careful research depending on your tastes and budget.


Canada’s reputation as a sought-after international education destination is further enhanced by its dedication to offering financial aid. These scholarships not only ensure that education is accessible, but also highlight Canada’s commitment to fostering a diverse, inclusive, and globally engaged academic community. These opportunities allow aspiring students to embark on a journey of academic excellence in the vibrant landscape of Canadian universities.