CHEK is a local TV station that has served Victoria for many years now. It is now a familiar name for television fans in Victoria. Since its inception, this station has grown. This plays a critical role in Victoria and the entire media world. This is because it started from very humble roots. Now, it is rated among the top news sources today.

Brief History of CHEK

CHEK TV is an independent television station that was founded in 1956. It has a colorful history that spans six decades. As the first private television station in British Columbia, it was first known as CHEK-TV. It was established by David Armstrong, a former radio sales manager. 

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This popularity spread quickly among viewers in Victoria and nearby areas alike. The station is a property of the CHEK Media Group. It constitutes station employees and local investors. This union persists against all odds. The TV station serves Vancouver Island and Greater Vancouver.

Evolution of CHEK

In recent times, CHEK has made many changes. It transformed itself to suit the evolving media industry. From black-and-white broadcast shows to HD television programs, the station has continually invested in technology. 

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It has upgraded the basic structure needed to offer viewers the most satisfying visuals. As they watch this broadcast channel, they can enjoy high-quality images and crisp audio.

Local News and Programs

CHEK is particularly attractive due to the commitment it has to local news as well as programs. This is unlike the national networks that tend to give more attention to big towns. However, CHEK has remained determined to follow the stories that are important to the residents of Victoria. It also covers the entire Vancouver Island, ensuring comprehensive coverage of local issues and events. The station provides all local problems from community events to investigative reports.

Engaging Entertainment

Apart from news, CHEK provides various types of entertainment programs to satisfy various tastes and ages. It doesn’t matter whether you prefer daytime talk shows or prime-time dramas. 

The station offers something for everyone. If you are into sports, this is your best bet. If movies are your passion, look no further. There is plenty more where that came from. And they don’t forget the music lovers.

Community Engagement

One of the things that distinguishes CHEK from other television stations is its strong commitment. CHEK is committed to community engagement, which sets it apart from its competitors. Whether it’s charity drives or fundraisers, CHEK is involved in several ways. 

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They give back to the community through various initiatives and partnerships. From creating awareness of vital concerns, CHEK puts its time into enabling its viewers. Whether by backing up community-based businesses or highlighting important issues, CHEK is dedicated.

Digital Presence

CHEK is now on various digital platforms, in addition to the usual television. Online platforms, such as the website, have contributed to CHEK’s massive following. 

Social media is another key contributor to the station’s wide audience reach. 

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CHEK has benefited from technological advancement. It meets its audience through other forums. These include live streaming and interactive content.


CHEK is an integral part of the Victoria community, not only a television station. It keeps audiences engaged in Victoria and beyond by providing entertaining shows, local news, and community involvement. No matter whether you just want to catch up with what’s new. CHEK provides cutting-edge TV content that compels viewers to return next time.

Frequently Asked Questions

What programs are provided by CHEK? 

CHEK has a variety of programs lined up such as news bulletins, entertainment, and sports. There is something for everyone to enjoy, from local news to international documentaries.

Where can I watch CHEK?

You can watch CHEK live on its website or its mobile app. CHEK is also available on several cable and satellite TV providers in Victoria.

Does CHEK offer advertising opportunities for local businesses?

Yes, local market-targeting businesses can make use of CHEK’s advertising opportunities. The range of pricing options provided by this station includes commercial advertisements and sponsored segments.

Is CHEK involved in the community? 

Yes, CHEK is actively involved in the community through different initiatives and partnerships. The station is dedicated to making a positive impact in the communities. It serves the communities by sponsoring events and hosting fundraisers.