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Unfortunately, this time we won’t be able to see parades and probably not even some fireworks. but that shouldn’t be something that stop us from celebrating. Therefore, we’ll give you dome ideas to celebrate this Canada Day with some friends and family.

Online Party

There will be an hour-long variety show that will be live streamed on multiple platforms. In the absence of live music and fireworks on Canada Day. Archangel fireworks will showcase a video of fireworks demonstration filmed in a secret location.

There will also be a rendition of O Canada captured in a canoe on the Assiniboine River.

CBC is hosting its own celebration with Canadian Heritage. Download their app in iTunes or Google Play, or watch it in your web browser


You can have family and friends in your house and have a barbeque in your backyard. Indoor gathering sizes are now limited to 50 people and outside ones are capped at 100 people.


For those who want to light the fuse this Canada Day. Fireworks are recommended as long as people have the space to light them safely.

The director of sales and events for Winnipeg’s Archangel Fireworks said the company is encouraging Manitobans to take part in a Canada Day fireworks challenge.

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