Technology has become a big influence in our society. One of the things technology has had a huge impact on is the way that we create, view and appreciate art. Artists now use Photoshop and digital cameras to create and edit pieces.  The internet has helped make their artwork much more visible, it has increased accessibility to world audiences. 

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 How are art and technology related?

 One of the ways Technology has had an impact on art is that, it now serves as a key influence that drives, shapes and inspires artwork. New ideas of art merge with the fundamental principles of technology. And With every new evolution in technology, art changes too. The way we view, share, consume, and, sell is transforming.

Another way technology is changing the art world is that it has made art far more accessible.

The internet allows art to be consumed in a more direct way. It has opened  a wider range and more diverse audience. Museums showcase collections online. Artists have all the tools they need at their fingertips to promote and sell their own pieces.

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When was technology first used in art? 

The first digital art came out in the mid-1960s. Kenneth Knowlton transformed a photo of a woman into an image made of computer pixels, and individual pieces of a graphic put together create a whole image.

The first time the term digital art was used was in the early 80s, when computer engineers came up with a paint program. Used by the pioneering digital artist Harold Cohen. Known as AARON, a robotic machine designed to make large drawings on sheets of paper placed on the floor.

Why is tech art important;p

Technology has helped  Increase Productivity, and has introduced more audiences to art. Technology is also helping arts organizations extend their impact. The internet and digital media provide an amazing opportunity for arts organizations to extend the impact of the arts. Creating digitally saves time.

If a mistake has been done on a digital drawing or painting, you can simply press the undo button to start over. In a digital creation, you can erase without a trace, change colors easily, and position and resize objects in seconds.

Image of The history of digital art timeline

Do you consider digital art true art;

Digital art is real art. Digital artists rely on the same techniques and training that traditional artists do. A digital artist will draw an outline or sketch on paper, then scan it onto the computer to continue working on it in a software. This software give the artist freedom. They explore their creative intuitions without limitation of the page.

Image of Traditional and Digital art