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Do you buy new headphones frequently? If you do, then this article is for you. In this article, we will be giving you easy tips to extend the life of your headphone to preserve the sound quality of your headphones and make them last longer. These tips can be applied to both wired and wireless headphones.

7 Easy tips to extend the life of your headphone

Always keep your headphones clean

Cleaning your headphone regularly, either wired or wireless is an important tip to preserve the sound quality. When headphones are being used impurities like dust, dirt and earwax are attracted to them. Your headphones can be easily cleaned with tools like cotton boards or an abandoned toothbrush, a small dry piece of cloth and water. The piece of cloth and water is to clean the headphones cable and this can be done by deepening the cloth into water.
Gently clean the cable, make sure the water doesn’t touch any of the electronic parts, cotton boards and brushes can be used to clean the mesh. Also, headphones with removable earpads can be removed, washed and dried and fixed back.

Keep your headphones away from water

Your headphones should always be kept dry and out of water at all times because when left wet or moist for a long time the internal components might start to get damaged and this would reduce the sound quality and shorten the life span of your headphone. If your headphone drops inside water, remove immediately, detach all detachable parts and keep in a dry place.

Protect the sensitive parts

The sensitive parts of the headphone should be cared for like the earbud, volume slider, and the plug. Your headphone connections should also not be handled with care-free acts. These few tips help to keep them protected:

  • When connecting to a device, pull the plug and not the cable because pulling the cable can lead to a disconnection between the wire connecting the plug and the cable.
  • Avoid your headphones from falling. When a headphone keeps dropping, it leads to a drastic reduction in the sound quality and shortens the life span of the headphone.

Use moderate volume

Your music should be played on moderate volumes when using your headphone, especially when first connected to your headphones. The initial shocks of loud volumes can damage the internal speaker of your headphones, when you want to increase the sound of your music it should not be increased drastically playing loud music above moderate volume. It can also damage cells and membranes in the cochlea which is located inside the ear.

Avoid applying weight on your headphones

Applying weight like sitting or sleeping on your headphones should be avoided because it can get your headphones broken, this can be avoided by:

  • Always take off your headphones before going to sleep.
  • Avoid putting your headphones in your back pocket.

Your headphones should be kept carefully to prevent them from being crushed or bent out of shape.

Do not share headphones

Sharing headphones with other people is not a good habit to portray. Sharing headphones can bring rise to serious ear infections.

Buy durable headphones

It has always been a smart idea to invest in durable products, this also goes the same way for purchasing headphones most times. Cheap headphones are always the most non-durable ones, so it’s always better to go for models that are inexpensive with durability and sound quality.

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