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Ever since the 2020 pandemic, working from home began to be a more common and feasible thing. However, it’s been a thing for most freelancers, especially ones who work just with their laptops, phones, and routers. Numerous skills could get you well-paying work from home remote jobs. Most of them fall under the “tech space” which either involves coding or doesn’t involve coding.

Though, most of them require years of experience, as most employees don’t want to start training on many things. There’s always an exception, of course, some employees do organize internships while some remote jobs don’t ask for prior experience. Freelancing for example helps develop your skills while you earn and learn at the same time. This also gives you a free way of handling activities as you get paid more than your starting value. Here are the best “work from home” jobs you can get in 2023 with no prior experience.

1. Google Ads Manager

Marketing and advertisement have been, and will always be in demand as long as entrepreneurship exists. Google ads are one of the most sorted pay-per-click ways in which businesses get traffic and conversion to customers. It’s quick and easy stuff to get started with even If you know nothing about digital marketing.

Google itself offers courses to get started which you can complete in less than a week. These courses also come with certificates which can stand as proof in getting your first google ads works. To get remote jobs on Gads, there are many freelancing websites like Upwork and Fiverr, which are for beginners. As you earn with this, you can improve along with other advertisement assets like Facebook ads and pixels. They are also top-selling ads work even if you don’t have previous work experience.

2. Google Analytics

This is another google asset you can get to start with which will take a short time to learn and become good at it. One of the work from home jobs with no experience, you can help small businesses or companies set up their metrics tracking and analytics. This will also involve reporting by using past and present data to go give marketing advice, however, that’s the analyst’s job.

If you are good with the setup, and implementations, you can get multiple managements done for different companies. You can start with the basic part of the job (which is setup), many customers will pay you a good amount of money to set up and manage google analytics tracking for a starter. Earn the certificate as proof of your knowledge to get your first job on this, and you’ll improve more and earn more along the line.

3. Amazon Photography

Every amazon sellers need a professional photograph that best represents their products. If you have a photography or editing skills, even if it’s with your phone. These photographs do enhance the increment in sales as most people are considered how real the photos are. If you can make videos of products too, there are many people in search of this. You only need samples of your previous product shots, which you can easily do on your own for your portfolio. Jobs like this can also be found on Linkedin, Indeed, or any freelance websites.

4. Freelance writer

Like another profession, this one has its share of subpar or unscrupulous practitioners. Additionally, some customers can try to take advantage of you as a beginner by providing you with less money. Nevertheless, if you take it seriously, it is feasible to earn a full-time living and have a successful career as a freelance writer. Since most clients utilize the initial piece of content as a test before submitting further work, you must first dazzle to fill the void. The more you put in, the more probable it is that someone will engage you and pay you for your writing skills.

5. Data Analyst

One of the most popular self-learn tech skills with free practice resources. With no work experience, you can have a great portfolio on your own which will get you a good job as a starter. Whether you like coding or not, you can still become a well-paid data analyst but having good coding skills is a great addition.

If you have skills in excel, PowerBI, Tableau, SQL, R, or Python. They are highly recommended as there are open remote jobs for the. To beat off the competition, you’ll need to beef your portfolio which you can do by pulling data online and using it for analysis and report. This will serve as your experience in getting your first remote job with it.

6. Transcriptionist

To be a transcriptionist doesn’t need too many skills as there are tools and software which you can learn to use for a start. You can get jobs to transcript from video to text, video to audio, voiceover, and vice versa.

However, these could be of a low charge per minute but if you work with clients with longer content, you could get a consistently and well-paid. The best part of it is that, if you engage in this on a freelancing website, you could handle as many as possible clients at once. Not a tough job, and not many skills or experience are required, just know how to do it.

7. ProofReader

All you need is your grammatical knowledge and learning to spot and correct blunders, structures, or mistakes. Grammar, spelling, and punctuation problems are caught by proofreaders. Additionally, they check the formatting to ensure that all parts are there and are formatted correctly, looking for things like double sentences, elements that were unintentionally left out, etc.

Even while software like Grammarly continues to progress, proofreaders are still required. The complexity and depth of language are still beyond the comprehension of proofreading software. This causes it to frequently miss mistakes and offer incorrect advice.

8. Dropshipping

Selling a product without having one, In dropshipping, the retailer sells the item to the consumer, transfers the sales order to a separate supplier, and the supplier ships the order on the retailer’s behalf straight to the customer. You can either create your dropshipping store using platforms like Shopify or interest from an eCommerce, to another eCommerce account with profits. This is one of the work from home jobs that is most self-independent.

For instance, you can dropship from Alibaba to amazon by establishing an Amazon seller account. A product with strong demand and little competition is found next. Check if the item is offered on Aliexpress before creating an Amazon listing for the dropshipped items.

9. Remote Customer services

You’ll be responsible for answering calls, participating in video chats, and helping consumers with questions regarding a range of product and service options as a remote customer care professional. You could assist them in setting up a device or resolving technical issues.

In certain positions, you could get paid for each social media or email message you react to or handle. Others could use a commission or bonus structure to increase their earnings. In general, you may set your own hours and bank as much as you like. While some remote customer service agents put in 15 to 20 hours per week, others work as much as 60.

10. Graphics Design

Of course, you already know about graphics design and stuff. However, you could believe that getting a job as a graphics designer requires a lot of expertise. You create your portfolio via inventive ideas, tactical designs, and volunteer work, so you are your experience. This will put you above the competition and serve as an experience.

Your initial client will have greater faith in you the more you demonstrate. As an illustration, you may begin by creating your designs and spec designs for brands or other businesses that interest you. Also, to make yourself a stand-out, you don’t have to be limited to logos and fliers, while still building your portfolio. You can spread your wings to 3D graphics, infographics, and graphics rendering to boost the confidence of your portfolio.

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