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The Super Bowl isn’t just about the touchdowns and strategic plays; it’s a cultural extravaganza where music and entertainment take center stage during the highly anticipated halftime show.expand_more From iconic moonwalks to jaw-dropping stunts and electrifying performances, these spectacles have cemented themselves in pop culture history. But which halftime shows have truly reigned supreme in terms of viewership? Grab your nachos and settle in, as we countdown the Top 10 Most-Watched Super Bowl Halftime Shows, with a sprinkle of fun facts and unforgettable moments!

#10: The Black Eyed Peas Paint the Town Red (Super Bowl XLV, 2011)

Kicking off our list with 110.2 million viewers, the Black Eyed Peas brought the party with their high-energy hits like “I Gotta Feeling” and “Boom Boom Pow.”expand_more Guest appearances by Slash and Usher added an extra layer of excitement, while the iconic giant robot made for a memorable visual spectacle.

#9: Queen Bey Takes the Throne (Super Bowl XLVII, 2013)

At #9 with 110.8 million viewers, Beyoncé needs no introduction. Her electrifying solo performance showcased her incredible vocals and stage presence with a powerful medley of her solo hits like “Crazy in Love” and “Single Ladies.” Remember the infamous blackout? Beyoncé handled it like a queen, proving her professionalism and captivating the audience even further.

#8: Madonna’s Roman Extravaganza (Super Bowl XLVI, 2012)

Defying ageism at 53, Madonna landed at #8 with 114 million viewers.expand_more Dressed as a Roman queen, she belted out classics like “Vogue” and “Like a Prayer,” alongside guest appearances by LMFAO, CeeLo Green, and Nicki Minaj. While some deemed it controversial, the spectacle and star power kept everyone tuned in.

#7: Bruno Mars Brings the Funk (Super Bowl XLVIII, 2014)

With his infectious energy and smooth moves, Bruno Mars set the stage ablaze at #7 with 115.3 million viewers cheering him on.expand_more His performance was a masterclass in blending old-school funk with modern pop, featuring hits like “Runaway Baby” and “Uptown Funk.” Red Hot Chili Peppers joined him for a fiery guitar solo, making it a halftime show for the ages.

#6: Shakira & J.Lo Shake the World (Super Bowl LIV, 2020)

This dynamic duo brought Latin flavor to the stage at #6 with 104.1 million viewers hooked.exclamation Shakira and J.Lo unleashed a vibrant medley of their biggest hits, showcasing their impressive dance moves and cultural fusion.expand_more Bad Bunny and reggaeton star Pitbull added special spice to the mix, making it a fiesta for the eyes and ears.exclamation

#5: Justin Timberlake’s Wardrobe Malfunction (Super Bowl LII, 2018)

Landing at #5 with 106.6 million viewers, Justin Timberlake’s performance sparked controversy and conversation. While his medley of hits like “Can’t Stop the Feeling!” and “Rock Your Body” was entertaining, the infamous “wardrobe malfunction” with Janet Jackson overshadowed the show for some. Nevertheless, it remains a memorable, albeit controversial, halftime moment.

#4: Coldplay’s Colorful Kaleidoscope (Super Bowl 50, 2016)

This collaboration at #4 with 115.5 million viewers brought together Coldplay, Beyoncé, and Bruno Mars for a colorful and diverse spectacle.expand_more Featuring hits like “Viva La Vida” and “Uptown Funk,” the show utilized vibrant LED wristbands and guest appearances to create a unique and visually stunning experience.exclamation

#3: Lady Gaga’s Daring Descent (Super Bowl LI, 2017)

Lady Gaga defied gravity and landed at #3 with 118 million viewers.expand_more She delivered a high-octane performance with a medley of hits like “Poker Face” and “Bad Romance,” and her iconic dive from the stadium roof remains a jaw-dropping moment.

#2: Katy Perry Soars with the Sharks (Super Bowl XLIX, 2015)

Holding the second spot with a record-breaking 121 million viewers, Katy Perry’s vibrant and playful performance stole the show. Riding in on a giant mechanical lion, she unleashed a string of chart-topping hits like “Roar” and “Firework,” complete with pyrotechnics, dancing sharks, and special guest appearances by Missy Elliott and Lenny Kravitz.

#1: Rihanna’s Diamond Jubilee (Super Bowl LVII, 2023)

Rihanna’s Super Bowl LVII halftime show wasn’t just a performance; it was a cultural phenomenon. With a record-breaking 121 million viewers tuning in, it transcended the realm of football and cemented itself as a landmark moment in pop culture history.

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