In the last weeks we’ve been experience something that was never expected. A coronavirus pandemic has forced us to take several actions. From closing restaurants, stores, cafes and more. To suspending classes until further notice and having us in lock down for at least 2 months. Therefore many of us have the need to work from home, also for our kids to have school online. So here’s when technology comes into our lives as a need. We’ll have to use our computers, tablets and smartphones in order to continue our responsibilities.
By fortune some jobs are able to continue their activities. Like computer repair does it, actually, it becomes a needed business.

Computer stores

When we think in computer repair, the first thing that comes up to our minds is; Where’s a good place to take it? Unfortunately we don’t believe that you should take it to a computer store. And the reason is simple, you take the computer, left it there in hands of someone you probably don’t know. What they do is to grab your information, move your computer to a table along with a bunch more and let it sit for some days. When finally it’s time to be fix, some Skippy guy (young kid with no education and very little experience) star to “work” on it. Unfortunately you won’t be able to see what they’re doing neither ask questions about the repair. As a result, you’ll may end up unsatisfied.

Onsite repairs

Now days there are a few companies that provides this service. Mostly of them charge you for travel, estimate and they charge by hour. The good thing is that you don’t have to go to them, they go to you. When they’re working on your computer, you’ll be able to see what are they doing and ask as many questions you want. For other side, TickTockTech is the only company that provides a free, no obligation, on site estimate. Don’t charge travel and, after receiving the estimate, you decide if they can work on your computer or not. If no’t they just leave and you don’t pay. A good thing is, they charge per quarter hour. They not only work on computers, they fix printers, internet issues, some cellphones and tablets and more.

As a conclusion

These days you’ll be using your tech a lot, so better to have it in good shape. Don’t wait until the end when it may not work anymore. If you already have a broken computer or some issues. Give us a call, try our services and get the best results of it.


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