Technology brings a lot of good to this world. A Hamilton doctor is doing exactly that. He is using technology, allowing him to do house calls without taking the time to travel. Instead, he can send an assistant to the home with electronic medical devices. The devices send video and data to the Doctor’s computer. This allows him to conduct the checkup from his computer at his office…or from his home office…or from Jamaica…etc.

Soon you will find these technologies making their way into everyday life. We are already transmitting all kinds of personal information and data through the ether. Your personal health is just another piece of personal data. This raises questions about who has access to that data.

Securing Our Personal Health Data

With this kind of sensitive information flying around, security needs to be at the front of our minds. When we participate in an activity that sends sensitive data, we should be asking these 3 questions:

  1. What cybersecurity & encryption is in place to protect the data as it flies through the air to the doctor?
  2. What procedures are keeping that data safe from prying human eyes?
  3. How secure is the data in digital storage?

This technology can be used safely when security is considered and applied. Make sure it is before you use it. If not, you may find yourself being scammed or your identity being stolen. Check out some common pitfalls that we will fall into that undermine all the security we put in place.

Final thought: enjoy and encourage new technologies, but be persistent regarding your security.