Startups are generally businesses or initiatives that are solely focused on bringing a single product or service to market. Tech startups provide new technology products or services (either software or hardware), as well as innovative ways to distribute existing products. In this post, we’ll be focusing on Hamilton which is one of the fastest-growing tech startups areas in Canada

They sometimes lack a fully formed business model, it could be a group of tech-savvy that come together to work on an idea that could be turned into a business. People believe that startups are exclusively tech companies; nevertheless, as technology becomes a more common aspect, the essence of startups is more about innovation, scalability, and growth

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Thinking of getting a job or Investing in a Tech Startup in Hamilton?

When there is a lack of capital or stakeholders, most tech startups begin with a small group of employees. As they expand, they’ll need more experts in coding and non-coding tech talents to fill out the major body of the production. In Hamilton (which is home to some amazing startups that I’ll discuss later in the post).

Even if what you studied in school isn’t linked to technology, it’s never too late to start pursuing a job in the field. You can begin by learning online from reputable resource centers that offer certificates, such as Udemy, SkillShare, and Udacity, among others…

You can either begin acquiring coding-related skills or non-coding-related ones. If you already have a field in mind, you can create as many projects as you want. Then you must figure out where you fit in by researching the organization, particularly the founder, to determine whether you might work for him or her. This is to find out what was important to them, what kind of leader they appeared to be, and what they expected from their people.

Then you should look at the company’s products and services to see how they earn money and whether you could contribute to their mission and be a valuable addition. Concentrate on the values you can provide rather than just the pay. Below are the list of top and rising Tech startups in Hamilton to look out for in 2022 either by seeking employment with them or investing in their stock.

8. Gofindo

Industry: Software Development for Retailers

Owner: Barry Pilgrim

Website: Gofindo

Revenue: $500k+

Gofindo is a mobile consumer engagement and loyalty platform that connects businesses with their customers, builds relationships with them, and promotes sales. It was created in 2015. It allows firms in a variety of industries to acquire new clients and keep them coming back.

7. BackupSheep

Industry: Software Development and Cloud Services

Owner: Bilal Hammed

Website: Backupsheep

It was founded in 2017, and it is a fast-growing company to keep an eye on. The owner created an internal program that utilized publicly available APIs for cloud service providers such as DigitalOcean, AWS, and OVH to automate cloud server backups on a set schedule as well as on-demand backups as needed. Developers and software organizations who manage a large number of client applications and websites can use this as a SaaS application.

6. Net6 Communication/ HCE

Industry: IT Services

Website: Net6

On-shore, near-shore, and off-shore data center solutions, as well as hosting, disaster recovery, and call center services, are all services through NET6 Communications Inc. It provides hosted voice services and managed voice services, as well as email and unified messaging, multimedia, multichannel contact center solutions, and teleworking.

5. Loopio

Industry: Software Development

Founded: 2014

Website: Loopio

Revenue: $20million+

Loopio is the top RFP Response Management platform that helps organizations supercharge and expand their RFP, RFI, Security Questionnaire, and other response processes. The platform provides services that make sales content available and allow for cross-organization cooperation.

Loopio has enabled hundreds of global leaders, including Thomson Reuters, IBM, Netskope, Sprinklr, and Citrix, since 2014.

4. SHG Studio

Industry: Game Development

Founded: 2009

Website: SHG

Revenue: $5million+

SHG Studios is an innovative gaming studio that creates a variety of digital games. They also make casual games that emphasize social engagement and community building. The games draw people in, but the community keeps them coming back.

3. Partner Stack

Industry: Enterprises Software, Marketing Automation


Website: Partner Stack

Revenue: $36million+

PartnerStack is an affiliate marketing platform that helps businesses increase revenue, leads, and conversions by using the benefits of affiliate marketing partnerships and collaborations. It is a fast-growing software firm in Hamilton, Ontario, with a good number of investors and a diverse consumer base.

2. MotoInsight

Industry: Enterprise software/E-commerce

Founded: 2010

Website: MoonInsight

Revenue: $15milion

MotoCommerceTM, Motoinsight’s primary digital retailing platform, allows for breakthrough omnichannel and e-commerce car buying experiences. Motoinsight data and technologies are utilized to drive sales by nearly every automaker, over 900 dealership franchises, and Canada’s top banks and insurance firms. They own and run Unhaggle, the top online new car marketplace, as well as auto purchase websites for Consumer Reports, Kijiji, Allstate,, and other companies.

1. Influitive

Industry: Marketing automation/ Enterprise software Founded: 2010


Revenue: $13.5million

A Top SaaS company and one of the top Tech startups in Hamilton ON that builds CRM software and marketing automation tools.

You can check out each company either to check through for employment opportunities or invest in their stock.