Due to the coronavirus pandemic mostly of the companies send their workers to work from home. Schools are close and all the kids are moving to online classes. All this to prevent the spread of the virus. Forcing all of us to use our computers for our needs.
In the shadow side of cyber-crime the coronavirus pandemic is seen as a big opportunity. Periods of change and transitions, new exposures of attack. New ways to steal personal data of employees or the secrets of companies. Experts say that cyber-hackers are taking advantage of million of employees. They know that mostly of them will be using companies servers to work from home.


We’ve already seen several coronavirus related exploits, like the classy folk that creates the fake Johns Hopkins virus-tracking map. If you mistakenly go to the web site to look for information about the virus’s spread. You’ll be exposed to the malware that could steal your personal information. But depending on the malware, is the risk that you’re exposed to.
Hacker have even begun to send emails with links related with the spread of the coronavirus. As soon as you click the link, a malware installer will run into your computer.
Even though some phone calls asking employees to transfer money to the coronavirus foundation of the company that they work for.

The coronavirus might be the reason that finally pushes some companies and employees. To accept important verification measures like two factor identification.

How to prevent it

Connecting to a Wi-Fi may present some security problems. But don’t worry, just make sure that you’re logging in to the right company database. And also that you’re using WPA or WPA-2 security. Other option will be to connect to your 4G or 5G cellphone data.
Make sure that the websites you’re visiting are from a trust source like a government. If you receive an email, do not open any link unless you confirm with your company. Last but not less important, make sure your company has a foundation to collect money resources. If so, ask how can you support, other than doing it by phone.

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