It’s a month full of blessings, Ramadan,  a time when all prayers are answered. God listens as we pray, and we need to pray and break fast at the right time, in the right way. One of the most important times during Ramadan is the iftar prayer. Many people get the time wrong, especially if there are no mosques, or many Muslims near, or the changing time in Ottawa. Ottawa has a vibrant Muslim community, who have contributed immensely to the community. It’s a digital world, however, and you get the correct timing right from your mobile device. Here are the correct timing for for iftar and other important times for 2024 Ramadan. 

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What is iftar?

Iftar is the evening meal that ends the day’s fast for Muslims during Ramadan, coinciding with sunset and the nightly call to prayer. The fast, which serves as the second meal after the pre-morning Suhoor, lasts from dawn until sunset, enclosing the daytime hours in devotion.

Traditionally, the breaking of the fast begins with the consumption of dates or a drink of water, which was inspired by the Prophet Muhammad. This first phase attempts to swiftly revitalize the body with energy and hydration. Following this, Muslims pray before proceeding to the main meal. This dinner varies by country but typically includes a wide variety of savory foods, soups, breads, and desserts. The goal of Iftar is to replace the energy used during the day’s fast while also offering an opportunity for families and communities to come together, reflect, and develop a sense of togetherness through shared prayers and meals.

The Benefits of Iftar in Ramadan

The advantages of Iftar extend beyond physical nourishment. It’s time for spiritual reflection, self-improvement, and thankfulness. Sharing Iftar with loved ones and the less fortunate creates a sense of solidarity and empathy, which are important virtues in Islam.

Why is it important to know the exact time for Iftar in Ottawa?

Precision is essential when it comes to Iftar timing. It’s not only about commemorating the end of the fast; it’s about doing so at the correct time to maintain the fasting practice’s integrity and spiritual value. Accurate Iftar hours are crucial for scheduling the day, from meal preparation to spiritual activities, increasing the Ramadan experience for those involved.

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In cities like Ottawa, where the length of sunshine varies drastically throughout the year, the demand for pinpoint accuracy is much greater. It is about more than just tradition; it is about ensuring that each fasting day is thoroughly and respectfully respected, following Islam’s time-honored rituals. This attention to detail contributes to a disciplined and spiritually gratifying Ramadan, allowing for a healthy balance of daily chores and religious devotion.

Iftar Time in Ottawa for 2024 Ramadan 

1222, Fri05:40 AM01:10 PM04:35 PM07:18 PM08:40 PM
1323, Sat05:38 AM01:10 PM04:36 PM07:19 PM08:42 PM
1424, Sun05:36 AM01:10 PM04:36 PM07:20 PM08:43 PM
1525, Mon05:34 AM01:09 PM04:37 PM07:22 PM08:45 PM
1626, Tue05:32 AM01:09 PM04:38 PM07:23 PM08:46 PM
1727, Wed05:30 AM01:09 PM04:39 PM07:24 PM08:48 PM
1828, Thu05:28 AM01:08 PM04:39 PM07:26 PM08:49 PM
1929, Fri05:26 AM01:08 PM04:40 PM07:27 PM08:51 PM
2030, Sat05:24 AM01:08 PM04:40 PM07:28 PM08:52 PM
2131, Sun05:21 AM01:08 PM04:41 PM07:30 PM08:54 PM
2201, Mon05:19 AM01:07 PM04:42 PM07:31 PM08:55 PM
2302, Tue05:17 AM01:07 PM04:42 PM07:32 PM08:57 PM
2403, Wed05:15 AM01:07 PM04:43 PM07:33 PM08:58 PM
2504, Thu05:13 AM01:06 PM04:43 PM07:35 PM09:00 PM
2605, Fri05:11 AM01:06 PM04:44 PM07:36 PM09:01 PM
2706, Sat05:09 AM01:06 PM04:45 PM07:37 PM09:03 PM
2807, Sun05:07 AM01:05 PM04:45 PM07:39 PM09:04 PM
2908, Mon05:04 AM01:05 PM04:46 PM07:40 PM09:06 PM
3009, Tue05:02 AM01:05 PM04:46 PM07:41 PM09:08 PM

Alternatively, you can use the Ramadan app on the iOs or Android device to track the changing time across your location.

Celebrating Ramadan in Ottawa

Ramadan in Ottawa, with its diversified Muslim community, transforms the city into a thriving spiritual center. From the preparation of Iftar feasts to the collective prayers, the city vibrates with a distinct energy. The precise timing of Iftar allows everyone to share in this precious moment, reaffirming Ramadan’s message of togetherness and fraternity.

Spiritual Harmony of Iftar

Iftar in Ottawa is more than just breaking the fast; it’s a deeply communal activity that brings people together, regardless of their backgrounds. It’s a time when the spirit of compassion and goodwill is at its peak, with mosques and community centers organizing Iftar dinners for everyone.


Ramadan in Ottawa in 2024 celebrates the rich tapestry of Islamic traditions and the community spirit of Iftar. Accurate Iftar timings are essential for observing the fast with commitment and celebrating the actual essence of Ramadan. As we prepare for the holy month, let us embrace the opportunity for spiritual growth, community building, and the joy of sharing that Iftar provides. Remember that each sunset brings us closer not only to nutrition but also to a stronger bond with our faith and community. Let us make every Iftar count!

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