Is Toronto becoming a Cyber Security Leader? BlackBerry Ltd. recently acquired AI-cybersecurity company Cylance in it’s goal of being the world’s largest and most trusted AI-cybersecurity company. They spent US$1.4-billion to acquire the U.S. artificial intelligence and cybersecurity company Cylance. With that kind of spending, we can surmise that BlackBerry is serious about cybersecurity.

We can take a lesson from Blackberry and put that much emphasis on our own cybersecurity. Our world of digital information is under constant threat. We have so many connected devices and apps that we use on a regular basis. This gives hackers plenty of opportunity to get our data. Because of this, in Toronto, we receive calls regarding digital information being compromised daily.

Our technicians work diligently to setup the latest cybersecurity for our clients. It helps keep them safe from the viruses & malware out there. On top of this, we work to educate them on common pitfalls that will lead to a breach of their information. As a result, our clients are more comfortable when using their digital devices. Additionally, they need less follow up calls.

Because we have a cybersecurity leader in our own backyard, we should all have cybersecurity top of mind. Let’s work to be the most secure city in Canada!