Are you working from home during the COVID-19 crisis? If so, then you are probably depending on your computer to stay connected, turn in assignments on time, and communicate with your co-workers. One of the integral parts of remote work is keeping your computer functioning so you can continue with your uninterrupted workday. Many people overlook updating their computers in Vancouver, but such a simple act is crucial to the machine’s long-term health abilities.

Update Your Computer NOW! 

Do you rely on those little pop-up windows that appear on your screen and remind you to update your software? Well, you are not alone. Most users depend on reminders to update their computers, tablets, laptops, and mobile devices. If you are in the middle of work, you might be tempted to click on the ‘Remind me later’ button because you don’t want to sit and wait while the computer updates. However, do not do this. Please do not put off updating your software. It is better to perform the update immediately instead of waiting until later. 

The Importance of Software Updates 

Software updates play an important role in your cybersecurity and your system’s digital safety. When you frequently update, your system remains secure and there is no lag. You do not want to wait until later to update because this can leave you vulnerable to a possible cyberattack. 

Below are just a few reasons why software updates are important: 

Software Updates Matter

Updating your software offers a lot of benefits. It is not just about revisions. Many updates repair security holes that need fixing. Plus, the update can remove computer bugs that can potentially harm your system and put your data at risk. Also, an update can add new features and remove outdated ones from your system, so you stay up to date. Please remember, it is always important to make sure that your operating system is the latest version. 

Fixing Security Flaws

Security flaws put you at risk of hacking. They are software vulnerabilities that are exploited by hackers. The hacking criminals quickly write code to hit your system hard by taking advantage of the vulnerability. The code they create is loaded with malware (malicious software). You can become infected if you view a rogue website, open a dangerous message, or even play infected media. They then use the malware to steal your data, encrypt your files, and gain complete control of your computer. However, software updates include software patches that fill security holes so hackers cannot gain admittance. 

Protect Your Data

Working from home, your computer is probably loaded with data that you do not want to lose. Things like emails or bank account information are valuable scores for cyber criminals so it is imperative that you protect them at all costs. Once the thieves gain your information, they will sell it on the dark web and use it for additional crimes. If they encrypt your data, then the process is referred to as a ransomware attack. You might have to pay a so-called ransom to regain access to your data. However, updating your data will help keep you safe.

Protect Those You Care About

Yes, you want to keep your computer safe from cybercriminals, but you also need to keep your co-workers, friends, and family sheltered from an attack. Protecting all your devices by staying up to date will not only keep your system in top shape but also not expose those you care about to a potential attack. 

New and Latest Features

An update does patch security holes, but it also updates your computer with improvements and great new features that might make your day-to-day computer work easier and faster. Even though you might be working from home, you still want to stay current. 

If you fail to update your computer or you feel that you are under attack by cybercriminals, then contact TickTockTech. We offer onsite service and remote help so updating your computer in Vancouver has never been easier.

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