Did you hear of the mass burial site with indigenous bodies found throughout the area of Saskatchewan and Kamloops? There were close to 1,000 bodies found by using technology called GPR (ground penetrating radar). Who were these bodies, how were they found, and what can we do to uncover the mysteries?


Photo by Suzy Hazelwood from Pexels

In the early 1800’s, Several residential schools were built to force indigenous kids to the new Canadian culture. These schools were run by the government and the church. Because of this, all indigenous children were forced from their families and thrown into these schools. To make it worse, they were forced to abandon their culture and language. The students were taught through abuse and some just ended up missing and never returned home.


Fast forward to our day and we find out the awful things that these schools have done to the indigenous people. As more research and testimonies come forward about these schools, the more funding comes to uncover the secrets that happened there. Through that funding, it was possible to hire a radar detection team from Saskatchewan Polytechnic to go through and find the bodies.  

Future using Radar

Now, with this new technology that is being released, it is more likely to be able to solve the mysteries that lay underneath the surface. Using GPR they will be able to find different things underground by using low frequency to do geological findings. Here’s a cool video that can explain GPR better. 

Knowing that technology is our way of life now, it is nice to have the ability to uncover mysteries. Hopefully they will be able to identify those who have been lost. Here’s a link that might help you find lost family members. If you have any mysteries about your technology that we can help you solve, please feel free to contact us.