When it comes to buying a personal computer, there are a plethora of options out there.  From building your own performance & gaming system, to an out of the box laptop solution.  After doing your research, if you choose a laptop, there are a few things you should do to keep it in tip top shape. Being careless with your new laptop can lead to huge loss, especially if you have to pay for multiple repairs. Thus, if you don’t want to pay for mobile computer repair in Victoria, here are some tips that you should follow:

Avoid Putting Laptop Computers Directly on Blankets

While using laptop computers, you should always find a surface which won’t suffocate the laptop’s fans. Laptops need air to blow over and cool the internal components.  All to often, we set our laptop on our legs that we just wrapped in our favourite cosy blanket.  Unfortunately, this soft surface, can wrap around the air ports and block the fan from cooling the internal components, leading to component failure and even catastrophic failure for the laptop.  Grab a lap desk or tray that will keep the air ports clear and your components cool.

Avoid Eating or Drinking Over It

Developing habits of drinking and eating while working on your laptop can also cause damage to your laptop.  Again, we are getting comfortable and accidentally spill the coffee or some of that delicious sauce falls onto the keyboard.  Liquid or crumbs can not only damage the exterior of the laptop, but they always seem to find their way into the tiny crevices to the internal components.  This will potentially destroy the circuits and ruin the laptop for good.

Protect Your Computer with a Case

Just like you buy protection for your mobile phones, you also need to buy cases and covers for your laptop computer. There are many options available, varying from hardcovers and carrying cases to sleeves. Hard cases are a good option for overall protection.  Soft covers will protect against bumps and scrapes. And sleeve is great for transporting.  Any option is much better than an exposed laptop and can save you from expensive replacements.

Backup Your Data Once Every Week

Regular backing up can be vital in preserving both your personal files and crucial work-related data. It is hard to determine when a hard drive will burn out, so you should regularly back up your data. We suggest at least once a week.

Installing an Anti-Virus Software

One of the most important ways to protect your computer and get rid of problems related to viruses is installing an antivirus software.  This can save you a lot of money and headache. Depending on the virus, you may be dealing with a slower computer, or you may have your identity stolen along with financial information.  Hackers are getting sophisticated and tricky. You can accidentally run into a virus by simply clicking the wrong link or opening the wrong email.  They can attack your computer’s operating systems and corrupt your computer, sometimes making them completely irreparable.  So make anti-virus one of the first things you install.

Removing Unnecessary Apps

With unlimited access to apps and programs, you are always a click away from installing them and getting the latest features and functions in your computer. But, after a while, you might start finding many applications are irrelevant to you or what you do.  Or maybe you just don’t use them anymore.  Such applications can consume a lot of space in your computer and slow down the overall performance of your computer. You should review and remove unnecessary apps often to keep your system running well and to avoid any back door hackers access through an outdated app.

Avoid Visiting Unknown Websites

Pop-ups and click bait can tempt you to go to a website that may be malicious.  Whether the content on that website is good or not, behind the scenes they could be setting a trap for you to click the wrong thing and open yourself up to hacking.  These websites are often nothing but hotbeds for corrupt programs and bugs. Thus, before you click on the tempting headlines, you should always assess the website and measure the risks properly.

Remove Cookies or Temporary Internet Files

In order to help websites load faster and enhance website operations, our browsers will save information while we surf the internet. Even though this process helps increase speed, it also consumes space, which may cause the computer to slow down overall.  Removing cookies and temporary internet files on a regular basis should avoid any problems here.

If you do run into some trouble with your laptop computer let us know. We do home computer repair in Victoria.