Facebook has become a giant. It probably feels like everyone you know is active on the social media platform and the number of active members has only surged recently due to the COVID-19 shutdowns. People turn to Facebook to stay in touch with friends and family plus stay abreast of world news at such a crucial time. However, you might be wondering about staying safe on Facebook in Winnipeg. 

Staying Private on Facebook

Facebook has a reputation for not respecting its users’ privacy. In fact, the money garnered by the social media site is gained from tracking and collecting your information. This might sound scary to you but there are steps that you can take to help limit your exposure. 

Stay Vigilant About the Information You Provide

Look over your profile to decide how much information you are revealing about yourself. Things like your hometown, birthday, travels, and interests are optional. You do not have to offer up the information and if you do then you can keep it all private or for ‘friends only’ to view. 

Who can Access Your Information?

Always look over who can access your information and posts. You can offer it up for the world to see or keep it only for friends. You can even pick specific people who you allow to look at your posts in order to be more safe on Facebook. 

Avoid Third-Party Apps

Yes, it is tempting to try various apps but some of them will collect information from Facebook about you and use it. You should never use a third-party app unless it is completely trusted. 

Use the Delete Button

Sometimes it is best to delete past posts and information. You can filter likes and reactions plus delete posts. Sometimes removing the past from the internet is a valuable option for someone who values their privacy. 

Keeping Your Facebook Secure

Here are a few tips to keep your Facebook secure: 

  • Always choose a strong password and change it frequently. You can use a password manager like 1Password or LastPass if necessary. 
  • Use two-factor authentication to further secure your account. Go to Facebook Settings to turn on this feature. Please do not choose SMS as the second choice because SIM cards and phone numbers have become very vulnerable to criminals. Ideally, you should disable SMS. Instead, use the Code Generator or a physical security key. 
  • Turn on your login in reports so you know if anyone logs into your Facebook account. 
  • Take the time to review authorized logins. Remember, that Facebook does allow third-party apps to log in without ever asking for your password. Even though this is convenient, it is not always safe. 
  • Set up a GPG or PGP public key so that you receive only encrypted emails. 
  • Always be careful with your email because if your email is hacked then they can get into your Facebook. 

Please remember, even if you take these extra steps to secure your Facebook account, the social medial platform still collects a lot of information about you. Staying safe on Facebook in Winnipeg is not perfect but if you want to continue using the service then the best thing you can do is keep it as private as possible.

If you have problems with your security, please contact TickTockTech. We offer remote and on-site service to help with all your computer needs. 

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