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Social media is one of the go-to for news, the latest updates, career advice, and other life-helping information. Comes in texts, videos, and audio as content that people do either to impact or have fun. However, this content is only accessible via the internet, with mobile data or wifi. But, have you ever come across a piece of information, which you needed to save for offline, because, maybe you were running out of data or couldn’t read/view the content immediately? Then you might need the ability to save content offline. 

Saving for offline is one of the cons of social media. Most platforms only allow online views of content which you can’t directly save offline. Of course, you could save text content from platforms like Twitter by taking screenshots. Then, how about Instagram, which is predominantly a video content platform, both for entertainment and education? 

You cant screenshot your way out of it, and if you use the screen recording, you’d have a low-quality video while taking your time to get it done. Well, there’s always a way/way out of getting to download media from Instagram. Let’s have a look at two methods you can use to get through this.

Method 1: Download Instagram Media from Web

Step 1: Go to your Instagram account, and whenever you see any video, you wish to save for offline watching, you can press the three dots at the top right corner of the video. 

Step 2: This will bring multiple options where you’d see a “link” and when you click on it, the link to the video will be in your mobile phone clipboard.

Step3: After that, Go to savefrom.net or gramsaver.com, and paste the link you copied to the clipboard. This will show up the video, along with the download button. Choose where to save the file, and the quality (MP4) and download. However, it only allows downloads from public accounts.

For stories, you’ll go to “storiesig.net”. This time, you are inputting the IG account username and not their video link. It will show up their stories which you can pick from, and directly download for offline view.

Method 2: Download Media via App

Using the app method, there are different reliable apps for this on both iOS and Android.

On iOS, download the Bolt browser app on the apple store of your iPhone.

Copy the link as described in method 1, and paste it on the bolt browser. The video will start playing and a pop-up will show up for download. Select the quality for download and save directly to your gallery.

The second app is Inscopy, which you’ll log in with your IG account and select videos on your feeds. Then you download using the bookmark logo at the bottom right of the feed.

For Android OS devices, download the insTake downloader on the google play store. Copy and paste the video link and you can save it or send it directly in video format to someone else.

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