The computer hangs or freezes issue is one of the many computer problems encountered by several computer users every now and then. It can happen anytime, while someone is in the middle of a business deal or just an academic project, thus many find computer hangs impeding in their daily jobs. If this is the case with your home or PC computer as well and your computer also goes frozen from a perfectly running machine, then the time has come that you count on a good computer repair technician. Computer hangs or freezes can occur due to some malfunctioning in either software or hardware components of the computer. And a determination of the exact reason for this problem can help the computer repair technicians fix your computers quickly.

Before diving into the reasons that cause computer hangs, you should have a basic understanding of different types of computer freezes or hangs. These types are categorized as the hang, random hang, generic freeze, and single-app freeze. Hangs occur when on performing a specific job, the computer freezes, forcing you to restart it to recover the data. When hangs take place on regular intervals, forcing you to restart the system every time it happens, it is called random hangs. However, when the system goes unresponsive and turns back to normal condition itself, it is called generic hangs. Single-app freeze is the condition when you try to start a program or app and system turns unresponsive abnormally.

Having understood different types of computer hangs, here are some reasons that cause these issues and call for immediate PC computer repair in Ottawa.

Multiple Apps Running at A Time

When you work on a program on your home computer, it utilizes some portion of its internal and hardware resources, which eventually slows down the computer. Hence, hangs are obvious to occur when multiple apps are running in the same instance of time on a computer.

Issues with The Driver

One of the many reasons behind frequent computer hangs is an outdated or damaged driver. Chances stand that videos on your computers aren’t playing properly or hangs up the entire system when trying to play them, due to an outdated video driver.

Operating System Issues

Even if there is no particular hanging issue in your computer, it is advised to conduct regular operating system updates for seamless computer jobs and to avoid expensive home computer repair in Ottawa. Besides that, a malfunctioning operating system can also be a reason that causes unresponsive computer system problem.

Hardware Misconfiguration

Computer freezes and hangs are most likely to happen due to a hardware misconfiguration. When you install an incompatible hardware computer in your computer case, you face hangs or computer freezing issues. To investigate if this is actually the case, try to run the system after removing that newly installed hardware component. If it runs smoothly now, then try to find an appropriate alternative to it in the market. 

Insufficient RAM

Insufficient RAM can cause a random hang problem in the computers; hence it is mandatory to keep sufficient RAM to avoid system malfunctioning. This happens because, 3D games or heavy browsing applications, generally, make the system bulky for an insufficient RAM to deal with. Here’s how to choose which RAM to use on your upgrade.

So, the foregoing are the reasons that cause different types of hang and freeze issues in the computers. With the understanding of these reasons, you can accelerate the process of recovering your critical data and files and rest assured that your work would not suffer because of it.