Toronto is seen as the Silicon Valley of Canada, and it still is in 2024. Boasting of tech hubs and companies, with multiple homegrown startups. When talking about the top tech companies in places like Toronto, you could have an aiming target for job offers or investments. Toronto has a wide range of tech companies from fintech, health, cryptocurrency, and e-commerce companies. Here are the top 12 tech companies in Toronto to invest in or work in 2024.

1. SAP Canada 

This is a large technology corporation in Toronto that is part of the global SAP group. They are well-known for developing strong software to help firms function more efficiently. Their primary focus is on developing intelligent systems for data management, information analysis, and resource planning, all of which are critical in today’s fast-paced corporate environment.

SAP Canada cares about the environment and strives to have a positive effect. Since its inception, they’ve grown to be an important element of Toronto’s tech industry, assisting other businesses in improving their operations.

2. EventMobi

EventMobi, founded in 2010, has made a name for itself in Toronto’s IT scene by improving event management. This firm has created a platform that helps event planners and marketers create engaging experiences for participants, including capabilities for organizing virtual or hybrid events, attendance registration, video creation, and interactive components like live polls and surveys.

The EventMobi staff is broad, including responsibilities such as content marketing managers, front-end engineers, and event success managers. EventMobi stands out for its complete technology suite, which is designed to increase attendee engagement at every step of the event, from early interaction to post-event feedback. This strategy has established EventMobi as a major player in the event technology field, particularly in Toronto’s thriving IT scene.

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3. Taplytics

Taplytics, established in Toronto’s tech ecosystem, is revolutionizing how companies interact with their customers across multiple platforms like mobile, email, and the web. This innovative company offers a platform for organizations to build personalized consumer experiences at scale, improving each touchpoint.

Taplytics has helped assist businesses of all sizes in optimizing their digital products, easily initiating testing, and increasing the skills of their teams since its start. Their distinguishing feature is straightforward software that enables for real-time updates based on user feedback, establishing them as a pioneer in customer experience automation.

Taplytics has become a vital participant in improving user experiences by prioritizing mobile-first methods and providing a suite of experimentation and engagement tools, exemplifying the dynamic spirit of Toronto’s thriving technology sector.

4. 1Password

1Password, founded in 2005, has established itself as a leading provider of secure password management solutions for people and enterprises. This organization excels at providing a password vault, which improves consumers’ online security by protecting their digital credentials from breaches and attacks. 

1Password streamlines the login process by allowing users to access sites with a single click while simultaneously monitoring for potential security threats. Their advancement is highlighted by professions ranging from revenue operations analysts to security engineers. 1Password’s devotion to digital security has solidified its position in Toronto’s IT sector, serving a wide clientele that includes companies such as Geckoboard and Netguru.

5. Top Hat 

With its groundbreaking teaching tool, Top Hat has revolutionized higher education since its Toronto launch. The ability to broadcast lectures, record courses, check attendance, and engage students with polls and quizzes makes this software a game-changer for instructors and students. Top Hat emphasizes active learning and fast feedback to make education more interactive.

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Top Hat works with approximately 750 North American colleges beyond Toronto. They meet current educational demands with digital texts, assignments, and online assessments. Top Hat is a leader in educational technology because it improves classroom engagement andigitizes education. This Toronto-based startup modernizes teaching and creates a more connected and dynamic classroom.

6. Coinsquare 

This FinTech powerhouse provides a secure and user-friendly platform for trading major digital currencies including Bitcoin, Ethereum, and XRP. What distinguishes Coinsquare is its commitment to security and transparency, which includes daily encrypted backups and a regulated trading environment.

Coinsquare has been dedicated to demystifying the world of digital assets for the common user since its beginning, earning it a reputable reputation in the financial technology field. Their QuickTrade function, which enables for rapid trades between two currencies, illustrates their forward-thinking approach to financial services. Coinsquare is well-known in Toronto’s booming financial sector for its strong security features, improved user experience, and pioneering efforts to bring cryptocurrency trading into the public.

7. Ecobee

In Toronto’s innovation landscape, Ecobee has led the smart home industry since its founding. Ecobee, known for its smart thermostats, blends user-friendly design with energy-saving technologies to make comfort and sustainability easy. Their products cut energy expenses and environmental effects, demonstrating their sustainability.

Ecobee thermostats, smart cameras, sensors, and air filters connect seamlessly for home security and energy efficiency. These gadgets can be operated by cellphones, making them extremely convenient. Ecobee’s SmartBuildings software also offers a subscription service for commercial and multi-family buildings to maximize energy savings. This Toronto-based startup promotes sustainability through innovative technologies and smart home gadgets.

8. Hubspot 

HubSpot, a pioneer in inbound marketing, has had a huge impact since its inception. This company distinguishes out for radically changing the way organizations handle marketing, sales, and customer service. With a strong presence in Toronto, HubSpot brings together a broad set of individuals dedicated to driving company success and innovation. 

Their package of solutions is intended to assist businesses attract more visitors, convert leads more successfully, and assure customer satisfaction. HubSpot’s presence in Toronto is about more than simply providing software solutions; it’s about building a community of companies ready to prosper in a digital-first environment. 

9. Think Research 

Think Research was founded to address the growing demand for evidence-based clinical information. It empowers healthcare practitioners by giving critical data just when they need it most—at the point of treatment. This organization has carved out a place for itself by revolutionizing how clinical information is communicated and applied in healthcare settings, resulting in major improvements in patient outcomes. 

Their commitment to closing the knowledge gap in the medical community has made them not only well-known but also essential to the Toronto and surrounding healthcare industries. Think Research, with an emphasis on innovation and accessibility, is transforming healthcare, one decision at a time.

10. Loopio

Loopio has revolutionized business software since 2014. This streamlines replies to RFPs, RFIs, and security questionnaires, is vital for firms trying to streamline their bidding procedures. This technology reduces RFP response time, allowing firms to submit more bids and win more contracts.

Loopio’s expansion and range of roles—from customer success managers to software developers—show its influence. The way Loopio makes proposal management collaborative, precise, and less intimidating for teams sets it apart. Their software boosts productivity and lets organizations shine during crucial bidding times. Loopio’s success shows Canada’s tech scene’s significance in creating creative business solutions.

11. Hootsuite 

Hootsuite, founded in 2008, is a social media management giant in Toronto. This software giant’s platform lets businesses and individuals create content, schedule posts, and track their social media success.

Hootsuite’s unique software merges social media platforms for effective brand management and e-commerce, making it easier to market products and services directly to customers. The Toronto office hires paid search specialists and user experience designers, demonstrating its dedication to innovation and consumer pleasure.

Hootsuite’s capabilities for deep analytics and audience interaction assist customers improve their digital footprint, showcasing its leadership in successful social media management.

12. Magna International

Headquartered in Aurora, Ontario, near Toronto, is a mobility technology giant serving the worldwide automobile industry. Magna has led automotive innovation in body exteriors, seating systems, and vehicle manufacture since its founding. The firm pioneered AI-enabled technologies and predictive maintenance in its production lines to improve productivity and safety.

Magna is investing in artificial intelligence technologies to help self-driving cars identify and adapt to traffic and road conditions. This dedication to innovation and quality in the continually changing automotive sector makes Magna International a prominent participant in Toronto and beyond’s technical scene.