Are you having trouble downloading content? There is a great way to troubleshoot your problem. It starts with trying to figure out how fast your internet is by using a speed test. Depending on your internet provider, and the speed that you have paid for, this will dictate how fast your internet will run. There are three different things that happen when you run a speed test. First it will test the latency. Next it will test the download speed. Lastly, it tests for upload speed.

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You may be wondering, what on earth is latency? Well, this is when you send a small data package to the server and the package is returned. This roundtrip event is called latency. Another word for this event is called a ping. So when someone says they are sending you a ping, this is what they are referring to.

Download Speed

 Next, it will test the download speed. The download speed is the rate that the internet connection is able to retrieve the data from the internet. A good download speed is 25 megabytes per second when you are doing basic things like watching Netflix. So during a speed test, it will send a large file to make sure the entire bandwidth is being used so the data can be measured accurately.

Upload Speed

Last thing that is tested while using the speed test is the upload speed. This is the opposite of the download sequence. Instead of getting a large file to your computer, it is sending out files to the server. Upload speed is important if you are on video chat or sending emails or things like that. Usually, you need at least 5 megabytes per second for one person using the internet. 

How can I get a speed test done?

This is the awesome part because getting a speed test done costs nothing for you. There are several websites that can accomplish this. I have used one call Speedcheck. This one has a lot of ads surrounding it but it gives you all the important information. It is important to run speed tests on your computer often to make sure you are getting what you paid for. If this website is not up for your liking, they have several other speed test website links at the bottom that you could try as well. 

Hopefully you all had a wonderful day and a wonderful week celebrating Canada Day and the Fourth of July. If you are ever in need of some computer help, feel free to reach out to us. We are always here to help.