Payroll systems in Canada are equipped to handle the intricate details of the country’s employment and tax laws. These systems have the ability to accurately calculate and deduct various taxes, including federal and provincial income tax, Canada Pension Plan (CPP) contributions, and Employment Insurance (EI) premiums. The deducted amounts are then promptly remitted to the respective government agencies. In addition, payroll systems meticulously monitor and adhere to a range of employment regulations, including minimum wage laws, overtime pay, and vacation pay.

ADP Canada, Phoenix pay, Ceridian Canada, Paychex Canada, QuickBooks Canada, and Sage Canada are among the well-known payroll software providers in Canada. Nevertheless, Ottawa has recently implemented a new payroll system that is both user-friendly and advantageous. Let’s explore the benefits it brings to all parties involved.

What is the New Ottawa Payroll System About?

The New Ottawa Payroll System is a cutting-edge digital solution that seeks to transform the way human resources and payroll management is carried out in the Government of Canada. This state-of-the-art system, developed with a focus on user needs and contemporary people management practices, will offer a dependable, seamless, and mobile-friendly platform for public servants and Canadians.

Streamlining Salaries: How Ottawa's New Payroll System Will Benefit Everyone 

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The system is being developed to tackle the limitations of the of knowledgeable professionals from the Treasury Board of Canada Secretariat and Shared Services Canada, is actively collaborating to create a solution that fulfills the requirements of the Government of Canada. In response, they come up with the Dayforce payment system which was tested to be reliable, but also undergoing more test.

The New Ottawa Payroll System aims to enhance pay operations and revolutionize service delivery in a fully digital environment. Through the utilization of cutting-edge technology and a focus on user-centric design, the system strives to improve the user experience, boost productivity, and minimize mistakes.

Dayforce, the New HR Payroll System in Ottawa 

They determined that Dayforce, a digital platform, is the most suitable solution after evaluating its functionality, complexity, accuracy, and mandatory requirements. Dayforce fulfills 85% of the necessary business requirements and effectively addresses the critical HR-to-pay capabilities required by Ottawa. Additionally, it has the ability to adapt to the intricacies of HR and pay situations in Ottawa, while ensuring secure and dependable integration with the required systems in the GC’s IT environment.

Also, the system will place a high priority on security, privacy, official languages, and accessibility. This will ensure that both public servants and Canadians can confidently access a platform that is reliable and secure. The government is dedicated to ensuring that public servants receive accurate and timely payment for their work, and the New Ottawa Payroll System is a vital step towards accomplishing this objective.

Dayforce is tested to be great at handling complex GC HR and compensation situations. The system’s adaptability and flexibility make it ideal for the GC’s diverse workforce and their unique requirements.

Through parallel validation with the current pay system, Dayforce has demonstrated its functionality, complexity, accuracy, and reliability. After hearing the pros and cons of both systems, I feel confident in saying that Dayforce can meet all of the GC’s payroll requirements.

It ensures the protection of sensitive employee data and gives all employees access to the system, meeting all requirements for accessibility, official languages, privacy, and security. To improve its overall capabilities, the system is built to integrate securely with the necessary systems in the GC’s IT ecosystem.

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How does the New Ottawa Payroll System Benefit Everyone?

The prosed new payment system for adoption in Ottawa is to fill many holes of the existing phoenix payment system. The team tested the Dayforce payment system and ensured that it fits different benefits for both employers and employees.

1. Enhanced accuracy and reduced errors

The new Ottawa Payroll System uses cutting-edge technology to streamline numerous tasks that employees previously handled manually. This automation greatly minimizes the risk of human error, guaranteeing that employees receive precise and punctual payments. Advanced algorithms swiftly spot and fix inconsistencies before employee payment.

2. Improved efficiency and time savings

The new system streamlines payroll, saving substantial time for employees and administration. Previously, administrative staff manually entered, verified data, and completed pay cycles in multiple steps. The new system automates time-consuming tasks, freeing payroll professionals for strategic initiatives.

3. Increased transparency and self-service capabilities

The new payroll system offers employees improved visibility and convenient access to their payroll information. Employees have the convenience of accessing their pay stubs, tax deductions, and other important information through an easy-to-use online portal. This self-service feature enables employees to independently manage their payroll information, minimizing the need for frequent inquiries and unnecessary communication.

4. Streamlined regulatory compliance

Staying abreast of ever-changing regulations and compliance requirements can be quite a challenge for any organization. Moreover, the Ottawa Payroll System automates updates for constant compliance with tax and labor laws. This helps alleviate the workload for payroll professionals and reduces the chances of the organization facing penalties for non-compliance.

5. Cost savings for the organization

The implementation of the new payroll system in Ottawa will result in significant cost savings for the organization. The system enhances operational efficiency by minimizing manual efforts, streamlining processes, and eliminating redundancies. These savings can direct towards other important areas, enhancing services for residents and investing in opportunities for employee development.


How does payroll work in Canada?

In Canada, payroll refers to the process of calculating and delivering employee salaries and wages, as well as deducting taxes and other required deductions.

What went wrong with Phoenix in Ottawa?

The Government of Canada introduced the Phoenix Pay System in 2016 to modernize and streamline payroll processes for federal employees. However, numerous issues arose following its implementation, including employee pay inaccuracies, payment delays, and overpayments or underpayments.

Is Dayforce a good Replacement to Phoenix Payments?

Yes, Dayforce payment system has been tested to be a good replacement Phoenix payment in terms of functionality, complexity, accuracy, and mandatory requirements.