The Ottawa Bluesfest, held annually in LeBreton Flats in Canada’s capital, has grown into a major event on the music festival circuit. The festival is not limited to blues; it includes a wide range of genres such as rock, pop, indie, and electronic, reflecting its visitors’ diverse preferences. It began as a tiny blues festival but has grown in scope and appeal, attracting both worldwide names and local talent. The festival grounds are filled with activity, with many stages where performers play over several days. Here is an insight into everything you need to know about the festival in 2024

Ottawa Bluesfest History 

The Ottawa Bluesfest, which began in 1994 in Majors Hill Park with 5,000 people, has grown dramatically over the years. Clarence Clemons led the inaugural lineup, which swiftly grew in popularity with acts such as John Hiatt and Buddy Guy by 1995.

By 1996, the festival’s attendance had risen to 250,000, thanks to acts such as Robert Cray and Los Lobos, and Mitel had become its first significant sponsor. The event’s tremendous expansion forced a 1997 relocation to Confederation Park to accommodate fans anxious to see headliners like Dr. John.

By 1998, attendance had soared to 800,000, thanks in part to Canada Day celebrations. The festival moved to LeBreton Flats in 1999, drew approximately 950,000 people, and the Royal Canadian Mint became a sponsor. With a stable venue at LeBreton Flats since 2007, the festival now attracts approximately 1.5 million visitors each year, showcasing global icons and supporting local artists through nonprofit music education programs.

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Ottawa Bluesfest Festival in 2024

Ottawa Bluesfest festival in 2024 will be held from Thu, July 4, 2024 – Sunday, July 14, 2024. The location of the event is still at the LeBreton Flats Park on the grounds of the Canadian War Museum. The 2024 Ottawa Bluesfest will last nine days, encompassing two weekends on July 4-7 and July 10-14. 

The event will have four stages, three outside and one indoor, with a variety of performers. This year’s enhancements include an improved VIP experience and the addition of an ultra-VIP “platinum” section for closer interaction with the RBC Main Stage performers. 

During the presale, general admission passes start at $349. A full-festival VIP admission costs over $1,200, while the platinum pass, which includes exclusive stage-front access, costs around $2,800 and is considered the festival’s premium option.

Full festival passes go on pre-sale on March 1, followed by general admission and single-day tickets on March 2. To purchase tickets and learn more, go to the official ticketing page.

Ottawa Bluesfest Festival Experience, and What to Expect 

The Ottawa Bluesfest provides an inclusive, family-friendly environment for music lovers of all ages. Children aged 9 and under can enter free with a paying adult in regular admission areas, however, VIP seating requires a ticket for each guest, regardless of age. 

The festival lineup for 2024 includes stellar performances from renowned artists such as 50 Cent, Nas, Nickelback, Maroon 5, Mötley Crüe, and the Zac Brown Band, among various other talented acts(about 40). While the festival is a celebration of music, parents should examine the appropriateness of shows for young children, as major concerts frequently take place after dark. Early evening acts are typically geared toward younger audiences. 

To determine whether an event is acceptable for children, it is critical to listen to the music and lyrics of the performers. Special activities, such as Blues in the Schools, provide more kid-friendly venues.

To guarantee a safe and pleasurable experience, families should establish a specified meeting spot, such as the Information Booth, in the event of separation. Communication and transportation planning is critical, especially for young people attending without parental supervision, as cell reception can be inconsistent.

The festival’s dedication to safety is clear, with first aid responders and paramedics on standby to address any difficulties and ensure that help is always available. All interactions with festival staff are strictly confidential.

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Alcohol drinking by minors is prohibited and will result in expulsion from the event without a ticket refund. Similarly, banned narcotics are not permitted, guaranteeing a safe environment for festival attendees of all ages. The Ottawa Bluesfest experience is designed to be memorable, with a focus on each attendee’s well-being and enjoyment.


The Ottawa Bluesfest demonstrates the ability of music to bring together different audiences in Canada’s capital. Starting in 1994, it grew from blues to a massive event covering rock, pop, indie, and electronic. The 2024 lineup features 50 Cent and Maroon 5 on four stages at LeBreton Flats Park. The event has something for everyone, from general admission to ultra-VIP experiences, resulting in a vibrant, inclusive atmosphere. Bluesfest, A cultural phenomenon prioritizing safety, family, and supporting local talent through nonprofit activities.


When is the Ottawa Bluefest 2024?

The Ottawa Bluefest festival in 2024 will take place from Thursday, July 4, 2024, to Sunday, July 14, 2024. The event is still taking place at LeBreton Flats Park, which is part of the Canadian War Museum’s grounds. 

Which Artists Are Performing at the Ottawa Bluefest Festival 2024?

Different artists are performing across each day of the 9 days festival, and at the top of the list are 50 Cent, Maroon5, Nickelback, Mötley Crüe, and more

How much is the Entrance fee for Bluesfest 2024?

During the presale, general admission passes begin at $349. A full-festival VIP entrance costs more than $1,200, while the platinum pass, which includes exclusive stage-front access, costs almost $2,800.