Entertainment in Calgary is becoming top-notch, bands and music festivals are all coming in 2024. We always discussed the upcoming Calgary Stampede festival. This forthcoming event is more than just a concert; it celebrates roots, perseverance, and the never-ending pursuit of artistic expression. Part of it is for music lovers and artists of different genres performing at the event. One of the top bands performing is the Nickelbag.


Nickelback, a rock band with a distinct Canadian flair, will perform at the Scotiabank Saddledome on July 14, capping up the Stampede festivities. The band’s chart-topping hits include “How You Remind Me” and “Photograph.”  They have defined a generation while also highlighting Canada’s unique musical abilities. Have you never heard of the Nickelback band? You’d enjoy them; here’s some information about one of the top bands visiting the Calgary Stampede 2024.


Who is the Nickelback Band?

Nickelback is a notable Canadian rock group that was founded in 1995 in Hanna, Alberta. Chad Kroeger, Ryan Peake, Mike Kroeger, and Daniel Adair make up the band, and together they have experienced a dramatic journey. They experienced drummer changes early on, with a stabilization around 2005. With the 1999 signing to Roadrunner Records, they had their big break, which sent them into the mainstream in 2002 with the smash song “How You Remind Me.” This song achieved critical praise and, together with the album “Silver Side Up,” was a noteworthy turning point in their career.

Nickelback’s music showcases a variety from alternative metal to post-grunge. Their fourth album, “The Long Road,” and its follow-up, “All the Right Reasons,” released chart-topping hits like “Photograph” and “Rockstar.”  These records demonstrated their appeal on a global scale; “All the Right Reasons” is their best-selling record to date.

Nickelback’s impact is evident, having sold over 50 million albums globally. As one of the most successful rock bands in Canada, they have gained recognition. Their legacy was further cemented when Billboard named their song “How You Remind Me” the top rock hit of the decade. Celebrated for their enduring influence in the music industry, they will be inducted into the Canadian Music Hall of Fame in 2023.

Where in Calgary is Nickelback performing in 2024?

Nickelback will deliver a standout performance at the Scotiabank Saddledome in Calgary, the centerpiece of the 2024 Calgary Stampede. This legendary event space in Alberta will buzz with the intensity of this rock band from Alberta.

Situated in the center of the city, the Saddledome stands as a prominent feature of Calgary’s skyline and the ideal setting for the band’s comeback. Fans will congregate in this renowned venue on July 14, which is well-known for its ability to accommodate sizable gatherings and provide an unmatched acoustic experience. With its long history of entertaining, the Saddledome is the perfect venue for Nickelback’s explosive performance, making the evening one that everyone in attendance will never forget.

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When is the Calgary Nickelback concert at the Calgary Stampede?

On Sunday, July 14, 2024, Nickelback is expected to perform, which will be a high point of the Calgary Stampede. This concert will close up the 2024 Stampede with a boom and is more than just a show. The final night of the Stampede is quickly approaching, and excitement is growing for this unique occasion. This day was selected to represent a big climax, with Nickelback’s electrifying presence capping the celebrations. Awaiting this day with great anticipation, fans are ready to enjoy the band’s hit songs and exciting live shows. July 14 expects to buzz with energy, nostalgia, and a festive mood, making it an unmissable event for both music enthusiasts and Stampede attendees.

What is the Calgary Stampede Event?

Every July for ten days, the Calgary Stampede transforms Calgary, Alberta, into a thriving festival. Many widely regard this event, scheduled for July 5-14, 2024, as the world’s greatest outdoor rodeo. However, it is much more than simply a rodeo; the entire city comes alive with cowboy costumes and western-themed decorations. Over a million people come here to celebrate parades, music, food, and sports.

Calgary Stampede 2024, Date, Events, and All You Need to Know

Since its inception in 1912, the Stampede has developed dramatically. It has grown from a gathering of roughly 80,000 to become the “Greatest Outdoor Show on Earth.” This unusual gathering combines cowboy sports, art, and gourmet delights. Guests can experience thrilling rodeo events, music, creative performances, and a variety of foods ranging from sweet to spicy. The Stampede also holds special festivities to honor First Nations culture.

This festival is a unique Canadian celebration that honors Western history via sports, arts, and cuisine. It provides stunning sports, fascinating music, delectable cuisine, and an educational trip through history and culture. Furthermore, Calgary’s proximity to the spectacular Rocky Mountains allows visitors to experience the great outdoors. The Calgary Stampede is an unforgettable and thrilling experience that encapsulates the essence of the Western spirit.


Nickelback’s  concert is making waves as Calgary prepares for the 2024 Stampede. On July 14, this Canadian rock band will perform their songs in an exciting event. Nickelback’s performance shows the Stampede’s ability to integrate Western culture with modern music. Their concert is a homecoming, a celebration of resilience, and an artistic expression that resonates with music fans and Stampedegoers. Nickelback’s return to Calgary will be a Stampede highlight, capturing the spirit and intensity of one of Canada’s most renowned festivals.



What type of music do the Nickelbacks make? 

Nickelback creates rock music with a distinct Canadian flair, incorporating elements of alternative metal and post-grunge into their sound.

Are the Nickelback Playing at the Calgary Stampede 2024?

Yes, Nickelback will be playing at the Calgary Stampede in 2024

When is the Nickelback Playing in Calgary?

Nickelback is set to perform in Calgary on Sunday, July 14, 2024.

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