Screen damage comes in many forms, could be graphics, related, or hardware damage. Laptop screen display problems could be either screen flickering, glitching, dead backlight, or dead pixels, among others. The worst scenario is a broken screen. When a laptop screen is broken, the only solution is replacement. Other screen problems aside from broken ones require replacement, but there are sometimes, repair solutions, for them. In Calgary, here are the details on knowing and fixing laptop screen problems.

Common Laptop Screen Problems

7 Common Laptop screen problems include Green screen of death, Blue screen of death, Screen flickering, Screen glitching, Black blank screen, backlight bleeding, and broken screen.

1. Green Screen of Death

The Green Screen of Death (GSOD) is a variant of the well-known Blue Screen of Death (BSOD), distinguished by a green display and sometimes an error message. This issue, typically linked to graphics hardware or drivers, can freeze your screen, rendering the laptop unresponsive. It’s important to check for viruses and ensure your system’s software is current as these could be underlying causes.

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2. Black Blank Screen

A black screen might suddenly appear, but often it’s preceded by flickering distortion or unexpected shutdowns. These signs hint at potential screen issues. Solutions vary; software issues might need updated drivers or a virus scan, whereas hardware troubles could necessitate component replacement.

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3. Backlight bleeding

Backlight bleeding happens when light from the LCD screen’s backlight seeps through the display’s edges, unlike a dead screen where pixels fail to display. This is more a manufacturing flaw than a fixable problem, though minor bleeding can be managed. A warranty might cover screen replacement for severe cases.

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4. Screen flickering

Screen flickering involves the intermittent flashing of your computer’s display, which can be distracting and strain the eyes. This could stem from several issues ranging from software to hardware. Tackling this problem might involve professional assistance or DIY solutions, depending on its root cause.

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5. Screen Glitching

Screen glitches disrupt work and can harm your hardware over time. These can arise from faulty components, software glitches, incorrect settings, or outdated drivers. Identifying and addressing the specific cause is key to resolving screen glitching effectively.

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6. Blue Screen of Death

The Blue Screen of Death signifies a critical failure causing Windows to abruptly stop. This can result from new hardware or software issues. Removing recent hardware additions or starting in safe mode are recommended troubleshooting steps to isolate and resolve the problem.

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Broken Laptop Screen Repair and Replacement in Calgary

7. Broken Screen

A broken screen, typically resulting from accidents or falls, requires replacement. Whether you choose to replace the screen yourself or seek professional help depends on your comfort level and the availability of the necessary tools.

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DIY Laptop Screen Replacement

Replacing your laptop screen at home may be difficult, but with the correct equipment and some patience, you can complete the process on your own. Below is a step-by-step tutorial for replacing a broken LCD panel with a new one. Here is how to start:

Start by Removing the Bezel

First, unplug your laptop and take out the battery. Check the screen’s frame, known as the bezel. You’ll have to take it off to reach the LCD panel’s screws. Look for rubber covers; they might be hiding screws. Take these off and unscrew. Gently use a thin tool and a plastic opener to pry the bezel off.

Taking Out the Old LCD Panel

Now you’ll see the frame that holds the LCD. Undo the screws to free the panel. Lay the screen down on the keyboard and disconnect its cable. If your laptop is older, it might have two cables, but newer, LED-backlit ones usually have just one. Note down the model number from the back of the screen for purchasing a replacement.

Fitting the New LCD Screen

Compare your new screen with the old one to ensure they match up in size, brackets, and connector. Attach the cable to your new screen, fit it back into the frame, and screw it in place securely.

Testing and Finishing Up

Before snapping the bezel back on, plug in and turn on your laptop to test the new screen. If all looks good, power down, reattach the bezel, screws, and rubber covers. Your laptop screen replacement is now complete.

3 Best Laptop Screen Repair Services in Calgary

In case you have no tool for the DIY and it’s urgent, it’s recommended to get a repair technician near you. The top 3 tech companies in Calgary that offer Laptop screen damage repair and replacement are TickTockTech, Hi-Tech Fix, and Tech Espresso among others.


TickTockTech leads in laptop screen repairs in Calgary, serving both businesses and individuals across North America. They stand out by sending certified techs to your place on the day you call. Same-day repair and transparent, they fix your screen and more, right where you are. With no hidden costs, top-notch tools, and skilled techs, TickTockTech earns rave reviews for its reliable service.

Broken Laptop Screen Repair and Replacement in CalgaryHi Teck Fix

Hi Teck Fix shines in MacBook screen repairs and more, offering budget-friendly rates. They promise quality by using parts from trusted factories, ensuring your laptop gets the best fix. Beyond repairs, they sell a variety of tech products. This makes them a one-stop shop for tech needs in Calgary.

Tech Espresso

Tech Espresso offers fast, affordable laptop screen repairs. They make it easy by coming to you or fixing your device online. This means you get help wherever you are, without hassle. Their wide service range makes them a great pick for all computer-related issues, connecting you back to the digital world swiftly.


In Calgary, whether you’re struggling with the feared Green Screen of Death or a smashed laptop screen, the path to recovery is obvious. This tutorial covers everything from diagnosing common display issues to DIY screen replacement. For individuals who prefer not to do repairs themselves, Calgary’s finest laptop screen repair businesses – TickTockTech, Hi Teck Fix, and Tech Espresso – provide expert, dependable service. With professional specialists available to restore your device, you can return to a flawless display with just one service call.


How much does laptop screen repair cost in 2024?

The cost of laptop screen repair ranges between $100 to $180, depending on the model and the extent of the damage.

Can I replace the laptop screen myself?

Yes, you can replace a laptop screen yourself. With the right tools and a bit of patience, you can follow step-by-step tutorials to complete the process

What are the 5 common laptop screen problems? 

The 5 common laptop screen problems include the Green Screen of Death, Black Blank Screen, Backlight Bleeding, Screen Flickering, and Screen Glitching.