We’re always excited to hear about stronger technology that will make our lives easier, safer, or just better. Cisco Canada is contributing $15 Million to help support technology and Cybersecurity in Western Canada. With our lives becoming more dedicated to the online world and with the rise of smart home technology, we definitely need what they are bringing. So, what else is coming?

A $7 Million Cybersecurity office based in Calgary. That’s what. This will lend to a number of senior artificial intelligence jobs focused on keeping us safe online. Because we’re constantly bombarded by online threats and scams, there no question we need this.

Our lives are more and more reliant on technology. This means that smart homes recording everything happening in and around our homes, our cellphones and computers recording everything we do online. This lends to more opportunities for hackers, ransomware, identity thieves, and other malcontents to take advantage of us or cause harm. In this digital world, our Police Services can only go so far in keeping us safe. In addition, we need digital options to keep us safe.

As we’ve given our lives to technology, TickTockTech has been here to help individuals and companies stay safe online. We are happy to see major tech companies like Cisco Canada doing their part by keeping Cybersecurity front of mind.

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