One of the best ways to prevent hardware damage or repair is by routine cleaning devices and checks. Especially if you are in a dusty area, these could cause buildups on both outside and inside of your gadgets which will affect some essential hardware.

Also, not only dusts but germs and pathogens, while ensuring your gadget’s safety, yours too is important and it works hand-in-hand. Most especially for desktops used in public areas or offices, some infected droplets might be on the surface, which could transmit. All your Apple devices should be cleaned at least once per week, though they are mostly dust resistant they still need cleaning on the surface against dirt and germs.

How to Clean your MacBook Apple Devices in 8 steps

  1. Disconnect your iMac from charging or shut it down (for MacBook)
  2. Pick a very soft, smooth cloth that won’t scratch your computer screen
  3. Wet the cloth with very little water or isopropyl alcohol (like disinfectants)
  4. Confirm the extent of wetness (in case you use water) by squeezing the cloth
  5. Start by Scrubbing your screen gently and horizontally
  6. For keyboards, use a very soft bristle brush to clean the spaces between the keyboards and the use the damp cloth to the keys.
  7. If you use water only, you can then use a soft, dry, neat cloth to clean your screen and keyboard the second time
  8. Close your Macbook, re-soak the cloth and clean the casing and grim/residue on your usb ports

How to Clean your Apple iPhone & iPad Devices in 5 steps

how to clean iphone apple devices
  1. Dip a very soft, smooth cloth into water
  2. Make sure the clothing is only wet and not filled with water if you are not using a water resistant iPhone
  3. Lock your phone or you can switch it off. You can place on a cloth to hold hand-free
  4. Scrub through your screen softly, even if you have a stain, scrub gently if you aint using a screen protector. Avoid the open ends (charging point & Earpiece ports) Then clean the back case and steel part of your phone.
  5. Use a totally dry cloth to clean off the wetness and sanitize your hand before touching your phone.

Cautions: Rubbing alcohol, paper towels, hand sanitizer, compressed air, dish soap, or vinegar are not recommended. All of these have the potential to harm your phone: Paper towels can scratch your screen, and vinegar can eat away at its protective covering.

How to Clean your AirPods and iWatch in 4 steps

Apple devices cleaning 2022
  1. Dip a very soft, smooth cloth into the water and squeeze till it gets damped
  2. Off your Devices (Airpod and iWatch)
  3. For your water resistance iWatch, you can hold under slowing running water for like 20seconds and then clean with a dry cloth.
  4. For AirPods, Clean with the damped cloth, the diffuser and the body part. You can use a cotton wool or cotton swab to clean the base of the air pod and inside

Cleaning your computers is not only to make them look good. It is one of the best ways to avoid repair, and it’s a healthy routine especially in times like this.